Measurement and inspection

Measurement and inspection
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United States | Distributor
Bohle America, Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC, Bohle is family business, founded in 1923 in Germany with locations all over the world! Our product divisions include: Handling Glass Cutting (manual and automatic) Glass Bonding Glazing, Tools Machinery Fittings and Surface Technology
Austria | Manufacturer
Softsolution specialises in automatic glass inspection systems, glass quality assurance systems, electronic image capture and software development in the glass industry. Please check:
Finland | Manufacturer
Sparklike is the developer of world’s first and only non-destructive argon analyzers for insulating glass manufacturers, testing laboratories and window manufacturers.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Spectrophotometers for analysis of thin-film coatings and accurate measurement of total transmittance and reflectance, thickness and absorption. Software includes solar calulations.
United Kingdom | Distributor
ATP is a specialist supplier of all forms of test, measuring and weighing equipment across the UK
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
World class non contact optical surface measurement solutions for industry. Reducing operational costs through improved quality and performance. The commercial research specialists.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Calex designs, manufactures and sells non-contact infrared temperature sensors and hand-held thermometers for the glass industry.
Italy | Manufacturer
Instruments & Sensors for measurement and control of following: Temperature - Level - Flow - Flue Compustion & Pollution - Humidity - Pressure
United States | Manufacturer
Custom Turnkey visual inspection solutions for your manufacturing process. European operations in 2oo5.
Germany | Manufacturer
Optical surface and edge inspection systems for automated quality assurance and production process monitoring applicable for glass panels, sheet glass, float glass, continuous glass ribbon.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
A leading UK manufacturer of digital thermometers, (contact and non contact) and temperature sensors/probes.
Italy | Manufacturer
Development, Production, and Sales of high accuracy test and measurement instruments, Infrared thermometers, and flue gas analysers
Sweden | Industry service
Glass industry inspection systems for the glass industry world wide.
Poland | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of windscreens for Agro Cars, Buses, Trams, Trains, Yachts and special vehicles (bullet proof glass) as well as tempered glass for building industry. AGD Glass. We also manufacture very difficult custom projects.
New Zealand | Manufacturer
Specialist Glass Suppliers. Glass Bending, Spiral Staircase Glass, Security Glass, Prison Glass, Cyclone Rated Glass. Supplied Internationally. International Measuring Service.
Germany | Industry service
Graphikon offers tailor-made image processing solutions with process management analysis for quality control of flat glass and hollow glas.
Germany | Manufacturer
Infrared Pyrometer and Line Scanner for non contact temperature measurement from -50°C to 3000 °C
| Manufacturer
Manufacturer of infrared scanners for non contact temperature measurement and calibration sources for infrared pyrometers or cameras.