Glass quality issues


Topics regarding quality of glass, its processing and its application in building. 

Exploding laminate glass

We had new cooker hood fitted three years ago. It has, had, a laminate glass top. Two weeks ago my wife went into the kitchen in the morning to find it covered in tiny pieces of glass. The glass top had exploded during the night. Can the glass be tested to detect contamination by stray metal atoms? Should I risk having a new piece of glass put in?
Any advice please?

Tempered Laminated glass breakage pattern

Can somebody give a detailed description of breakage pattern of Laminated (sentry glas plus) Tempered glass. What possible reason would be if a tempered laminated glass breaks (only inner glass) after 20days of installation? Does it prove the tempering quality alone? What should the breakage pattern be if so?

Float glass quality

I am seeking advice on the quality of clear float glass 4,5,6,8,10 and 12mm
The companies are Qingdao Blue Crystal Glass co.Ltd and Zhangzhou Kibing Co.
My company specialise in high end prodacts like painted glass splashbacks, framelss shower screens pool fencing ballustrades etc.. so the quality must be excellent for the Australian market.
I would appreciate any comments.

Thank you
Ross Kennedy


I am hoping to order laminated glass (most likely from China) and this will need to be stamped EN14449 and EN356 P1A ? The glass should be 6.8mm thick and meet these European standards. Can you recommend a reliable glass supplier that has passed these tests and can email me certificates?

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chipped tempered glass

We have a piece of 10mm tempered glass sized 1x2 meter and it was chipped about 10mm into the glass and about 1 meter along the edge. Our machine had been tested to temmpered glass to meet TUV standard. Does it mean that my glass is not fully tempered or it is the nature of tempered glass? Thanks to the experts.