Tempered Glass Issues

Hello, I was hoping to get some professional opinions regarding glass issues at a construction project. We are a painting contractor that has blame being placed on them for scratched glass on tempered windows. The replacement is highly expensive so I was hoping to get some addition thoughts. One of the first things we do is cover the windows with 1.5" tape and then poly off the glass. After we were done and windows were uncovered, these scratches appeared (see attached photo). Our paint bleed-through is on top of the scratches which I think suggests that they were there prior to painting. I just don't see how we could have made these scratches with the glass covered and only using sanding sponges on the wood only. I have read a lot on fabrication debris but do not believe the window had been cleaned/scraped yet.  Please advise as the window and glass manufacturer will not claim any liability.

Thank you!


Andy Chong
Sun, 31/10/2021 - 10:36

Dear Liz,

According to your description. It seems the window glass is not tempered at all.

Tempered glass is very hard and has a very strong anti-scratch ability.

Generally, glass is checked before delivery, therefore I think the quality issues shall not be glass manufacturer side.

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