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A+W | Germany | Manufacturer
A+W CAD Designer Automotive particularly supports the requirements resulting from the production conditions of automotive glass. Special digitizing methods allow swift digitizing of templates. Peculiarities of different line layouts are taken into account. NC programs for all machines of a line are created in one step. Several production lines can be controlled by just one A+W CAD Designer file.
CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
Waterjet cutting machines; brembana idroline s, brembana milestone s, brembana aquatec, brembana easyline, smartline. Pressure intensifiers; brembana greenjet, brembana jetpower, brembana easypump.
Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo S.r.l. | Italy | Manufacturer
Corner machine for the production of variable radii or cant corners.
CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
3-4 interpolated axes machining center and 5-axis cnc machining center
CMS Spa | Italy | Manufacturer
Drilling, Milling and edge processing machining centers & Drilling and milling machining centers