Why GlassBuild? 4 Perspectives from the Glazing Contractor Side

Jodi Martinez
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Date: 16 June 2021

By Jodi Martinez, Vice President AllStar Glass Company Spokane Valley, Washington

Why GlassBuild America? Here are four good reasons from my view.


Bring a young person or two to the show! Host them, show them, wow them in person (careful not to overwhelm)! We brought our children with us to a Vegas GlassBuild when they were teenagers specifically so they could experience our industry opportunities and witness for themselves the massive impact of the glass industry. GlassBuild is first and foremost a business event but also so much fun. In order to attract a future workforce in the glazing industry WE have to prove that it is worthwhile, important, meaningful and most of all lucrative. Colleges do it to attract talent―we should too! GlassBuild is the perfect setting to do just that.


I will admit my tolerance for online meetings has grown and, honestly, I have met people within our glazing community that I may not have at larger events. However, nothing will ever replace in-person collaboration; it is too powerful and effective. Simply showing up is so easy (for most) and sends a message of support, inclusion and commitment. You never know who is watching and what positive impact your presence will make. 


Business travel can be educational and dare I say therapeutic especially now! Change the scenery, stretch your legs, meet new people, spark some new ideas and support our industry vendors. 


Food and hospitality was hit the hardest during the pandemic. Let’s do what we can to “share the wealth”―spend some dollars in Atlanta on great food and lovely super clean hotels while we also support each other and the glass industry! It’s a win-win.

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