Website Quick Tip: Searching AAMA Accredited Labs

AAMA recently launched a search feature on the Accredited Laboratories web page that allows users to locate an AAMA-accredited lab by using a variety of keywords, publication numbers and/or a state or province."The best feature about the new search function is that it allows people to quickly check which tests each lab does," says Jose Colon (Architectural Testing).

"The search also allows the accredited labs to be easily displayed in one place."

Windows, doors and skylights that are certified under the AAMA Certification Program must be tested at an AAMA-accredited lab. In order to qualify, labs must:

  • Be AAMA-inspected and accredited to specific ASTM International and AAMA test protocols
  • Formally apply for accreditation with AAMA
  • Contract with AAMA that it will properly
  • Responsibly maintain the accreditation and allow periodic lab inspections, quality and document control, calibration confirmations of testing apparatus and technician evaluations by the Program Validator

In addition, all accredited labs can have no business affiliation with the window and door manufacturers except for contracts for testing services.

In order to utilize the search, users can enter a keyword or the AAMA, ANSI, ASTM, CPSC or CAWM publication number (e.g., NAFS static, AAMA 501.6, ASTM E330, etc.). Additionally, users may search by using a keyword and publication number or multiple publication numbers by use of the + (plus) sign. For instance, to know what AAMA Accredited Labs test to the AAMA 502 standard, the search field should read: static+AAMA 502. For multiple publication numbers, the search field should read: AAMA 2605+ASTM E330.

Please note that spaces should not be included between each search term and the + sign.

To narrow the search options, users have the ability to select a state or province that best matches their search criteria.

Once the search results are processed, a new tab with the listing of standards that match the designated search criteria will be displayed. From here, users can click links provided within the search results to view all accredited testing standards associated with each lab. If users would like to view details or purchase any of the listed accredited testing standards, a direct link the AAMA Publication Store or outside organization where appropriate is provided.

Each month, the AAMA e-News will feature Website Quick Tips that show web users how to navigate portions of the AAMA website, including Members Only. If you would like to suggest Website Quick Tips to be featured in the AAMA e-News, please contact Sam Sinkhorn, AAMA’s Communications Coordinator.

600450 Website Quick Tip: Searching AAMA Accredited Labs

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