The Ultimate Glass Door Soft-Closer - Bohle Cushions The Blow With Portavant

Date: 11 June 2010
Source: Bohle
Bohle Ltd, the UK arm of Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of tools, machines and accessories for glass processing and finishing, has announced that it is now supplying the Portavant glass door closing system from Willach.

Portavant is the ultimate modern glass fixing for doors, which slows a glass door as it closes, preventing accidents, and ensures that a door closes fully.

Smooth action
Portavant features Willach’s SOFTSTOP cushioning system, a smooth action which slows the glass door effectively, gently and quietly (irrespective of its weight and speed of closure) and does so over a distance of several centimetres.
As well as providing a modern feel to the glass door, the SOFTSTOP technology prevents damage through doors ‘jumping out’ or tilting, and removes the risk of trapped fingers almost entirely. It also helps to remove the fear of breaking the glass door.

No more bouncing back

Portavant’s AUTOCLOSE system (a patent for which is pending) closes the door fully, gently and quietly once it has been slowed by the innovative cushioning system. This guarantees that the door closes completely – even if not fully shut, or shut in a hurry – and holds the door in position preventing it from opening by itself; no more doors bouncing back as the result of excessive impact on endstop.

Portavant also combines these supreme qualities with modern design. The beautiful, curved cover profile has a height of just 70 mm, and the fittings are supplied in aluminium natural anodised (EV1), alinox anodised, and a brushed stainless steel effect. A wealth of accessories (including handles) is available for single-sash and two-sash doors as well as doors with side-lights.

Furthermore, the well-developed clamp technology makes processing of the glass unnecessary. The suspension mounting was developed in such a way that the sashes are securely held by the clamp mechanism. But if there is a special need, the clamp mechanism can be combined with a drilled glass hole and securing pin.

“Bohle continually looks for new products that will help our customers gain the edge over competitors,” said David Broxton, Bohle’s UK managing director. “Portavant from Willach offers real appeal to end users, and provides a ‘wow’ factor that other products can’t.”

600450 The Ultimate Glass Door Soft-Closer - Bohle Cushions The Blow With Portavant
Date: 11 June 2010
Source: Bohle

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