TruFit takes a stand at Everglade Windows Customer Conference

TruFit takes a stand at Everglade Windows Customer Conference
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Lee Ackroyd, Area Sales Manager for Edgetech UK, talks about Everglade Windows Customer Conference.  This was my first time at an Everglade Customer Conference and, I have to say, I was impressed.

Bringing new products to customers is clearly important to Everglade; their showroom had become an expert marketplace, giving customers first-hand information from key suppliers.After seeing TruFit® demonstrated at FIT Show, Everglade’s sales director, Jay Patel, was keen to include it at the conference.Even though products like TruFit have been used for many years in the commercial market, they’re only just getting recognition as a viable alternative for domestic installation companies. Perhaps, most importantly, expanding foam installation tape has been included in the recent revision of the BS8213-4:2016 code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and doors. TruFit has led the way in the revolution for change in fitting methods.

Expert marketplace

Having Edgetech’s stand in the expert marketplace meant I could meet up with other suppliers, including Kömmerling, Palladio and HAS Resolution. With so many companies supporting Everglade, their customers could speak to their suppliers direct and get expert advice.

TruFit was very popular. Many people knew about it already, but this was a good opportunity to see it in action. Most people wanted to know what benefits it brings and how easy TruFit is to install, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to answer their queries face-to-face.

Best practice for installation companies

The installation tape is ideal for home improvement companies who want to offer customers best practice for fitting windows and doors. Many of Everglade’s customers install high-end products and the internal and external look of the individual products is greatly enhanced by using TruFit.

The expanding foam installation tape gives a professional finish compared to other sealant options. There are some installations where it’s almost impossible to get a good finish with wet sealants and the neatness of TruFit is highlighted further when installed against uneven stone or ultra-smooth render.  The way TruFit fills the gap between the window frame and the wall gives a consistent neat finish. No additional plastic trims are required when installing using TruFit, so nothing detracts from the beauty of the window and door frames. This is a big selling point for homeowners.

Coloured windows and doors

Coloured window and door frames often cause additional headaches for installation companies. Buying in matching trims or having window and door trims sprayed can cause extra delays as they’re often special order items. Because using TruFit means no trims are needed, this can help with scheduling for home improvement companies and cost savings for the homeowner.

Apart from the look of TruFit, there are the energy efficiency gains from using it. In a standard installation the perimeter of the window is the weakest point when it comes to heat loss. Edgetech put TruFit into the test lab, and it proved to retain more heat than using traditional wet sealants. This means it will consistently reduce draughts and cold spots, creating a more comfortable environment for homeowners.

Rain doesn’t stop play

For installers it doesn’t take more than a few installations using the expanding foam installation tape to get used to the new fitting method. There are other benefits too; TruFit isn’t affected by rain so companies lose fewer days to adverse weather. TruFit is cleaner than silicone and that’s good for installation companies who want to keep uniforms clean.

TruFit is a perfect fit

TruFit is perfect for any home improvement company that installs windows and doors. It offers a modern alternative method for fitting that gives homeowners real benefits in both looks and energy efficiency. Everglade’s customers are just the type of companies who champion best practice and have driven the professionalism in the industry.

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