Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options
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If you’re working on a project where your client has specified a stunning door design, a Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door from AluFoldDirect is the ideal choice.

Since it was launched, the Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door has been a really popular choice with architects, installers and homeowners looking for an entrance door that gives their project the extra ‘wow’ factor.

RD1 doors are manufactured with a slimline, thermally broken, aluminium frame and an insulated timber door blade, to offer an impressive door that combines beautiful design, impressive thermal efficiency and top-level security.

There are nine stunning door designs for homeowners to choose from so there is bound to be a style that’s perfect for your new-build or renovation project.

Your customers can choose from any colour from the RAL or B.S. charts. Our seven most popular colours are Anthracite Grey, Black, Light Grey, White, Red, Blue and Green and are available on three-week lead times.

Our doors are finished with a five-stage paint process for ultimate durability and a stunning aesthetic.For extra design flexibility, there’s the option to have the door frame in a matching or contrasting colour.


Help Your Customers Choose the Perfect RD1 Door Design with our Top Tips



Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

The ultra-modern Maastricht is the perfect choice for modern new-build properties or self-build projects.

With five slender, horizontal glazed sections, choosing the Maastricht door design gives a perfect combination of privacy and natural light.

Door Design Tip: Choose a Maastricht door in Anthracite Grey with a matt finish and a sleek stainless steel bar handle.



Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

The Bruges door features vertical timber ‘panelling’ detail and a small glazed window at eye-level, so homeowners can easily see who’s at the door.

It’s a simple and stylish design for sophisticated tastes.

Door Design Tip: Take advantage of Bruges’ simplicity and opt for a brighter colour, like Red.


Leuven Glazed

Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

The Leuven Glazed option lets more light into homes, with a long vertical glazed panel.

A great style for adding a modern twist to a period property, Leuven Glazed looks fantastic in Black and Anthracite Grey.

Door Design Tip: To keep a traditional feel with a modern twist, choose a stainless-steel door knob to finish the look.


Leuven Unglazed

Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

For homeowners looking for more privacy in their hall ways, Leuven Unglazed is the ideal choice.

Pair this minimalist design with clean hardware designs for a truly simplistic style.

Door Design Tip: For extra-tall entrances that need privacy and daylight, add a glazed top light.



Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

Liege is the design for properties looking to make the most of natural light. The three square windows let lots of natural light into hallways for light and airy entrance halls.

Door Design Tip: Leige lends itself to simple finishes – go for Black or White.


Venlo Glazed

Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

The Venlo Glazed design is similar to the Leuven Glazed design, but the panelling detail is horizontal. It adds a different dimension to the style – perfect for modern new-build designs that play with clean lines and right angles.

Door Design Tip: For extra privacy, without losing light, opt for obstructed glass for the glazed panel.


Venlo Unglazed

Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

The Venlo Unglazed door design offers privacy and minimalistic design flair for properties.

Homeowners can choose from bolder colours, like Green, Red or Blue for stand-out style.

Door Design Tip: Add sidelights with obstructed glass in very wide doorways.



Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

Ghent offers fantastic aesthetics. The three small windows create a design that is the perfect choice for modern properties.

Paired with brushed metal hardware, this is a fantastic choice for homeowners who want some extra flair for their entrances.

Door Design Tip: Choose Ghent in Green, Blue or Red to make the entrance stand out next to white or pale renders.



Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door Design Options

A solid design for homeowners who enjoy a more simple style. Bonn’s solid door blade is a real stunner and lets the beautiful timber do the talking.

Door Design Tip: Keep it classic with a Graphite letterplate and a Ponytail style door knocker.

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