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| How do you increase your glass quality?
| The ECO Scanner from Viprotron is a proven, cost effective system designed to detect glass related defects.
| Sparklike recommends users to calibrate their product once a year.
| WAPRO decided to continue the successful cooperation with SOFTSOLUTION.
| Building without glass is like living without light.
| The ECO Scanner has established itself on the market as an extremely powerful system.
| Please join Viprotron in welcoming their newest team member: Scott Knisely.
| The Polish company Q4GLASS now utilizes a LineScanner from SOFTSOLUTION, to testify Quality 4 GLASS in Koszalin, near the Baltic Sea in the northernmost tip of Poland.
| The Quality Scanner automates your glass quality control and brings it to the highest standard.
| For the production of coated glass products, Şişecam Trakya relies on fully automatic inspection with ISRA VISION P2 (PowerPlate) - Coating – thereby raising both customer satisfaction and efficiency.
| LineScanner - high precision dimension control of glass for drill holes, cutouts, notches and much more!
| CulletScanner with tilt-function - new Video available! Automatic fragmentation image analysis with optional polarization function.
| 3 x Viprotron at Glassbel
| How can product quality and production processes in various glass applications be optimized by using Optris IR cameras and pyrometers?
| Forel has released a special version of its “High Tech” IG line, equipped with a flexible spacer applicator and a “Hot Melt” sealing robot.
| What needs to be considered when using infrared thermometers, IR cameras and our new glass inspection system in different glass applications?
| After extensive tests and research Tryba has decided to use the reliable Quality Scanners from Viprotron.
| Thanks to the latest developments, the LineScanner Management Console and artificial intelligence are now used to optimize processes.
| Today 274 employees work for the Turkish company Tamcam Oto Cam Sanayii A.S., checking anisotropy and edge stress with a horizontal LineScanner from SOFTSOLUTION.
| Every customer project is unique and this is how we see the cooperation with our customers who trust in automated quality assurance systems from SOFTSOLUTION.