Super Spacer Triple Glazed Units

Date: 7 April 2008
Source: Reflex glass
Reflex glass is now available as a triple glazed unit manufactured using Super Spacer Warm edge spacer bar.

Not only does this allow customers and architects more freedom in design with 35% reduction in sound insulation but it means that centre pane U-values of 0.5 W/m²K can be achieved with Reflex+ at the correct unit width.

With architects and consumers now chasing lower U-values rather than flawed window energy ratings, its impressive to see how much extra heat can be saved with a triple glazed Reflex+ unit featuring a non metal spacer bar system.

“We are involved in many large scale glazing projects which use our Reflex solar control glass to save energy in the summer on air conditioning costs. We have worked with local building control officers to improve energy savings and each project has strict U-values for materials used in the walls and roofs. Insulative products that can achieve typical U-values of 0.2 W/m²K in walls and roofs. Clearly it makes sense for designers to look for the lowest U-values in building products such as wall cladding and doors but when it comes to glass many people forget that this is also an opportunity to reduce U-values big time and really make big energy savings!” said a company spokesman.

We are supplying Clear Reflex+ into carbon neutral homes that without super low U-values in the glass the homes would lose allot more energy in winter and let a lot more sun energy in during summer leading to over heating and wasted air conditioning systems.

600450 Super Spacer Triple Glazed Units

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