Sunways solar cells for the largest transparent photovoltaic roof in the USA

Sunways AG (SWW:GR, SWWG.DE, ISIN DE0007332207), has received its largest individual order for building-integrated photovoltaics to date: the Konstanz-based photovoltaics specialist is supplying semitransparent design solar cells for the new US head office of pharmaceutical company Novartis.

The new construction in East Hanover, New Jersey, will see the installation of the largest transparent photovoltaic roof in the USA. Renowned architectural firm Rafael Viñoly from New York designed an open and transparent office building for the company's oncology division.
The innovative energy roof underlines the modern architecture of the completely glazed office complex and will be implemented by Onyx Solar/New York. What is so special about it: A special process provides the semitransparent solar cells with square cut-out openings. This leads to transparency levels of around 10 percent. The staggered arrangement of the solar cells in individually manufactured solar glass modules leads to additional transparency for daylight. The result is an aesthetic solar roof as a multifunctional solution: it not only protects against environmental influences but also uses existing surfaces for the production of renewable energy while rendering natural lighting and shading possible.

Sunways is supplying over 161,000 monocrystalline, semitransparent design solar cells (5 x 5 inch / 125 x 125 mm) for the project in East Hanover. They will be installed in 820 bespoke glass modules. The end product will be a roof area of around 2,547 square metres with a rated output of 295 kilowatts.

As well as solar cells for transparent roof and facade solutions, Sunways also has a range of coloured solar cells for design-oriented, aesthetic solutions in building-integrated photovoltaics. Find out more at

About Novartis

Novartis AG is a major pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Basel/Switzerland. The company has a global workforce of approximately 126,000 and generated turnover totalling almost $ 60 billion in 2011. Novartis was ranked 6th in 2010 and 34th in 2011 out of the 500 largest companies worldwide in Newsweek's "Green Rankings". Find out more at

About Rafael Viñoly

Born in 1944 in Uruguay, Rafael Viñoly is an internationally renowned architect. He founded an architectural firm in New York/USA in 1983 and today it also has offices in Los Angeles, London, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. Rafael Viñoly Architects PC was one of the finalists in the competition for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center in New York. Find out more at

About Onyx Solar

The Onyx Solar Group LLC develops and implements solutions for the replacement of conventional building materials in the construction of energy-efficient buildings. The company is based in New York/USA and has offices in Spain and Columbia. Find out more at

600450 Sunways solar cells for the largest transparent photovoltaic roof in the USA
Date: 26 October 2012

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