StormGuard: Performance and Quality in One Window

StormGuard: Performance and Quality in One Window
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Date: 19 September 2017

StormGuard by NorDan is truly unique window as it combines both performance and quality.


Let’s take a closer look at its features:


Performs in all weather

The StormGuard window is wind pressure tested beyond 197mph – NorDan windows are tested above and beyond industry standards – and so is Category 5 hurricane force weather resistant. The design of the sealing within the frame ensures no gaps or cold air can penetrate.



Safety is paramount using the FIX 805/811 sprung handle which is ideal for child safety, as the handle cannot be left in the lock when the window is closed, meaning a child cannot open the window by accident.

The window is designed to open and tilt inwards, giving protection to small children who may be at risk of falling out of a tall building.

To allow for safe cleaning in windy weather, the window can be fitted with a hidden blow back restrictor. Additionally, the sash can be easily replaced or reglazed from inside the building.



NorDan offers the best safety protection for your home on the market, thanks to StormGuard’s seven-point lock system. It is a real challenge to potential burglary, being extremely difficult to break into as it is impossible to remove the glazed unit from its frame from the outside.

Our testing and certification ensures that StormGuard windows will resist break-in and keep you and your family safe as well as warm.


Low Maintenance

The factory painted finish on NorDan windows ensures you don’t have to do any maintenance work for a very long time – they truly are ‘fit it and forget it’ windows.

The aluminium cladding gives near lifetime protection to the timber, and is easily replaced in pieces if necessary. The aluminium cladding is powder coated in a range of RAL colours.

600450 StormGuard: Performance and Quality in One Window

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