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SoEasy – revolution lies in the simplicity
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5 brand-new aluminium systems to windows and doors production.

Tweaked in every detail – aluminium system line to the windows and doors production. So Easy it is a primarily the best thermos-insulation parameters and inimitable design.

It is also facility and swiftness of prefabrication, thanks to the limitation of elements needed to create a construction - even about 2/3 in relation to the previous solutions. This is an added value for the manufacturer.

Client gains the fastest completion date on the market – assemble of the construction is even 60% shorten in comparison with construction well known on the market.  

Line So Easy it is five, visually diversified systems, from which each characterise with the best thermos-insulation and waterproof parameters, possessed thanks to integral connection of gaskets with profiles.

Width of profiles was also reduced (window sash and profiles have 83 mm when joined together), which makes the joinery looks elegant and enable the greatest access of a light to the room. As the only one on the market, we produce the narrowest movable mullion in the window – 111,5 mm.

The standard system calls Sath. System Hapi is a version with a hidden wing. Amon, besides being aluminium system, indistinguishably reminds steel joinery – type “Steel Lock”. Cherpi imitates wooden joinery look, and Mut reminds industrial windows. Regardless of the system, So Easy is always in the version with invisible (hidden) hinges. One and only visible element of a window is a handle, which may be colouristically fitted to it.

SoEasy as the first one in the world, created system without central gasket, what makes the windows be practical and easy to keep clean – it has a crucial value for Clients. What is more, there is no problem during window closing – it works easier and it’s much more permanent.


When choosing products from SoEasy line, your Clients achieve:

  • energy saving – Uf from 0,81 W/m2K;
  • high waterproof parameters 2400 Pa – our company, as the only one on the market achieved such a high parameter in the aluminium system;
  • guarantee of the maximum access of the light to the room – thanks to the appliance of global innovative profiles technology;
  • functionality and aesthetics at the highest level;
  • the fastest completion date on the market;

All results are confirmed with the Building Research Institute certificate.


Short technical specification of So Easy systems:



  • standard system
  • Uf from 0,81 W/m2K
  • installation depth 83 mm
  • gaskets integrated with profiles



  • system with the hidden wing
  • Uf from 0,97 W/m2K
  • width of the movable mullion – 111 mm
  • installation depth 83 mm



  • reminds steel joinery
  • Uf from 0,98 W/m2K
  • fits to the clinker brick
  • the same set of accessories and switches as in the SETH system
  • gaskets integrated with the profiles



  • reminds wooden joinery
  • Uf from 1,00 W/m2K
  • the same set of accessories and switches as in the SETH system
  • gaskets integrated with the profiles
  • width of the movable mullion – 111 mm



  • reminds industrial windows
  • Uf from 0,94 W/m2K
  • steel frame effect
  • gaskets integrated with the profiles
  • width of the movable mullion – 111 mm
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