Russians interested in digital templating

Prodim is attending the Russian glass fair Mir Stekla in Moscow. During these days Prodim is presenting its complete range of Proliners: the Proliners of the Construct Series (CS Series) and the Proliners of the Industry Series (IS Series).

The CS Series is the best solution for digital templating in the glass industry.The Proliners of the IS Series are dedicated to glass makers of bent glass and for quality control purposes.

In addition to the Proliners, Prodim is also presenting its software targeted at the glass industry: Prodim Unfold and Prodim Glass CT 3.1.

Prodim Unfold
Prodim Unfold is specially developed for bent glass manufacturers, like those in the automotive and naval industry. Using Prodim Unfold, 3D drawings can be translated into 2D unfolded shapes in just one click. The 3D models, which can be saved in IGES and / or .DXF, are useful for quality control. The measurement file can be compared with the original. Moreover, the software contains a FEM analysis, which determines whether the bending is not carried out beyond the elasticity limit. A report of the results of the calculations can be printed.
Digital templates can be created from windshield prototypes as well as directly from frames. Using the combination of the Proliner and the Unfold software you can digitize 3D shapes and at the same time easily get the flat form of this object. Hard templates are history with Prodim's solution.

Prodim Glass CT 3.1

Prodim Glass CT 3.1 is the complete glass solution for measuring, editing and finishing digital drawings on-site. Thanks to the onboard touchscreen CAD software the user can add cut-outs into the measurement or use the libraries to insert symbols for production. The measurement can be made CNC ready. In addition, Prodim Glass CT 3.1 also generates PDF files with information about the customer and the material. The customer is able to check the measurement and information and can sign off the project immediately on the Proliner. 

Prodim's booth is well visited. We have mainly met Russian and Ukrainian visitors so far and just a few Italians. Visitors seem to be very impressed by the digital device the Proliner. They did not consider it was that easy to measure glass with the Proliner. Our demonstrations made clear how the Proliner exactly works and how fast and accurate a measurement can be done. 

600450 Russians interested in digital templating

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