'Roto Patio Alversa' – the new universal parallel and Tilt&Slide system hardware

Roto Patio Alversa
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Produce efficiently and flexibly with the 'Roto Patio Alversa' universal parallel and Tilt&Slide aluminium profile system hardware.

At BAU 2017, metal workers visiting the Roto exhibition stand favoured one exhibit in particular. On display was an exceptionally easy-to-operate sliding system in aluminium with the new 'Roto Patio Alversa' universal hardware in the 'PS Air Com' version.

This, plus two additional attractive variants of the new parallel and Tilt&Slide aluminium window hardware are available now from stock.

Installation instructions provide all the information metal workers need to incorporate the innovative 'Roto Patio Alversa' parallel and Tilt&Slide hardware. The Roto Aluvision application technology is ready for fitter training sessions.

For aluminium parallel and Tilt&Slide system manufacturers, the 'Roto Patio Alversa' universal hardware’s market launch opens up for your manufacturing interesting rationalisation potential, and at the same time offers greater flexibility in meeting customer requirements.

Because with its modular structure, this new hardware product range enables the manufacture of parallel and Tilt&Slide systems in various versions, with little manufacturing re-tooling time and expense.

The maximum 122 mm retracting distance also allows the use of larger profile depths, for example for triple glazing.

Roto Patio Alversa
Secure guiding, including of heavy loads: Additional reinforcement such as a stabilising connection between the bogie and element ensures high sash weights can be seamles sly achieved with 'Roto Patio Alversa'. The reinforcement element can be adjusted via a hexalobular socket screw in order to optimise the run-in and run-out depending on the weight and dimensions of the sash. The scissor-slider is clipped into the retaining track and secured during manufacture, which saves time. Screw connection is not required.
Photo: Roto


'Roto Patio Alversa' for a new level of diversity

'Roto Patio Alversa' can be used by aluminium sliding system providers to guarantee their customers maximum ease of operation and to respond very flexibly to their wishes.

At the same time they achieve the highest degree of production efficiency. Because thanks to a platform concept, this hardware product range ensures very high utilisation of the same parts.

The production line requires only minor adjustments to manufacture 'Roto Patio Alversa | PS', 'Roto Patio Alversa | KS' and 'Roto Patio Alversa | PS Air Com' variants.

All three sliding systems, despite their distinguishable mode of operation, are based on just a few exchangeable components, because the central locking system and handle are the same for the 'KS' and 'PS' variants.

Using the same corner drives for the 'PS' and 'KS' variants also reduces the installation table’s storage area requirement. The ability to simply ‘clip' the scissors-slider into the stay-connecting profile further enhances quick and easy installation.

Roto Patio Alversa
The new aluminium window fabricators’ 'Roto Patio Alversa' parallel and Tilt&Slide system combines 'Roto AL' hardware product range elements, such as the central locking system, espagnolette and corner drive (photo) with new components such as running gears, scissor-sliders and track sets. Well -proven 'Roto AL' product range security components mean burglary protection can be adapted to individual security requirements up to resistance class RC 2 or RC 2 N.
Photo: Roto


Significant efficiency increase for 'Roto AL' users

Greater standardisation and fewer parts – particularly for 'Roto AL' Tilt&Turn hardware range users. Your storage and logistic costs for sliding system production will be significantly reduced if you opt to use 'Roto Patio Alversa'.

The pressure on administration and, in particular, master data processes is also measurably reduced. Because the central locking system, espagnolettes and corner drives for the 'Roto Patio Alversa' parallel and Tilt&Slide system’s 'KS' and 'PS' variants come from the 'Roto AL' range.

They are simply combined with the 'Roto Patio Alversa' range bogies, scissor-sliders and track sets.


Saves time during installation

'Roto Patio Alversa' also offers benefits during installation: The bogies’ height adjustment ease proves to have multiple installation benefits.

With its negative adjustment range of -2 to +6 mm, it dispenses with the need to move the roller track for lightweight sashes, and it also prevents damage to sashes, as its thread cannot be overwound or unwound, and it makes lifting or releasing the sash unnecessary.

Roto Patio Alversa
New 'Roto Patio Alversa' product range bogies, scissor-sliders and track sets are combined with 'Roto AL' product range components. That has benefits for 'Roto AL' users. The uniform fabrication enables different sliding systems’ simple and speedy installation with no notable tool changeover time and with rapid production line changeover. There is a considerable storage and logistics cost reduction; administration, and in particular, master data processes become easier.
Photo: Roto


Patented trio

Three high-performance parallel and Tilt&Slide solutions are easy to produce with the 'Roto Patio Alversa' universal hardware:

The 'KS' variant is a Tilt&Slide solution with tilt ventilation. It covers sash rebate widths (SRW) of between 670 mm and 1,280 mm and sash rebate heights (SRH) of between 930 mm and 2,380 mm, for sash weights of up to 100 kg.

For sash weights of up to 160 kg, the corresponding data is: SRW between 670 mm and 1,680 mm and SRH between 930 mm and 2,380 mm.

The 'PS' variant stands for a Parallel Sliding system with or without night ventilation. For sash weights of up to 160 kg, the possible dimensions extend between 720 mm and 1,680 mm (SRW) and between 930 mm and 2,700 mm (SRH).

For sashes with a maximum weight of 200 kg, the corresponding values are: between 1,210 mm and 2,000 mm and between 930 mm and 2,700 mm, respectively.

The 'PS Air Com' variant combines a parallel sliding system with tilt ventilation, which can be conveniently controlled using the window handle. Rotating the handle automatically tilts the sash – no manual application of pressure against the sash is required.

This enables sashes of up to 200 kg (SRW: 1,210 to 2,000 mm; SRH: 930 to 2,700 mm) to be operated and tilted effortlessly with noticeably little expenditure of energy. For sash weights of up to 160 kg, dimensions of between 760 mm and 1,680 mm (SRW) and between 930 mm and 2,700 mm (SRH) are possible.

An innovative opening and locking mechanism ensures quiet, low-noise running of the sliding sash, while special damping elements guarantee optimum run-in and run-out of the sash on both 'PS' variants.

The use of 'Roto Line' handles allows for standard visible hardware component design of all windows and balcony doors, regardless of whether they are opened by rotating, tilting or sliding.


For a secure home

All the available 'Roto Patio Alversa' variants can easily be fitted with 'Roto AL' product range security components.

This means that burglary protection can be adapted to individual needs up to resistance class RC2 or RC 2 N by using security mushroom-head security cams, security strikers and lockable handles.

The new Roto range therefore makes Roto the first provider also able to produce parallel sliding solutions with tilt ventilation and significant additional security and convenience to boot.

If a sliding system is equipped with 'Roto Patio Alversa | PS', the closed element is burglar-resistant up to resistance class RC 2 or RC 2 N through the use of night ventilation security locks and the 'Roto AL' security components described.

A high level of security is also guaranteed in the open position, since 'Roto Patio Alversa | PS' comes with optional night ventilation not visible from the outside.

This means that the element appears closed from the outside, but still ensures pleasant air circulation, and therefore a good room climate.

All the 'Roto Patio Alversa' parallel and Tilt&Slide hardware ranges’ system components have been developed by Roto, and are manufactured in Roto factories in Europe.

For further information, see www.roto-frank.com/de/roto-patio-alversa. Complete brochures in German and English which provide detailed information concerning the variants available, their strengths in terms of installation, as well as fitting, maintenance and operating instructions, are available for download.

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