Quality Care Yelds Profit for Framexpress

The frameXpress approach to customer service has yielded positive sales results that are set to increase through 2012.

The senior management team have an optimistic outlook based on customer comment and increased sales figures that have grown steadily throughout the year.

Whilst many people have jumped onto the customer care initiative and placed emphatic focus on customer support, for the frameXpress team this was always of paramount importance. Senior management at the leading Midlands fabricator, have nurtured business relations with customers, since the company was launched over 11 years ago and it is this quality that places the company ahead of competitors.

Additionally however, whilst frameXpress continues to place customer care as a top priority, the management team also gives significant weight to staff morale believing that support and encouragement in career development further substantiates customer support.

There are major differences in the service support provided by frameXpress which lie in the commitment of the entire team and a desire by senior management to educate and encourage staff in career development which ultimately will provide improved service for customers that they can rely upon.

The vast majority of customer service strategies adopt the idea that customers have top priority making this their cornerstone. Loyalty has always been a frameXpress ‘watchword’ however, with decision makers believing that this works in two ways.

Establishing strong foundations and encouraging staff naturally boosts morale which has a knock on effect that leads to customer loyalty. Mark Westbrook, Managing Director comments, “If customers see the dedication of a committed team this in itself reaps major benefits in helping to develop and maintain strong business relations.” Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress continues, “A stable workforce makes a marked difference which is where frameXpress has a leading edge. Whilst many companies offer fast turnarounds and guaranteed product standards, there are few in this industry who can truly substantiate this with the support of a team that have grown together. The various departments at frameXpress have become a committed workforce which provides customers with the consistency that only a loyal, dedicated team can provide, as our figures can attest.”

Window figures data as supplied by D&G Consulting, demonstrates the staggering difference between frameXpress statistics and current market analysis and trends *. 2010 2011 Frame Express % 3 3 5 12 14 17 UK window industry % 2 2 -3 2 -6 -8 Mark Westbrook and Stuart Green have pledged huge commitment to staff as well as customers to ensure that strong working relations can be maintained throughout the company. “Tailored solutions are only as good as the team that delivers them”, comments Mark Westbrook. “Whilst customer satisfaction is of paramount importance along with product quality we believe that team reliability and consistency hold equal place.” He continues, “Today customer service experts are chanting variations of the mantra: "Make the customer number one".

frameXpress has always placed customer service in that position but the difference is that the team has been encouraged and trained to the highest standards and applauded for their achievements. This reflects in our positive results. "Impersonal answering services with information being scarce, along with limited delivery times or products being out of stock have come to be expected for many new customers who have recently started ordering with us. We understand our customer needs and support them by ensuring all internal structures are solid. This has led to a steady increase in sales for frameXpress over the last 12 months. Ironically, the sad reality appears to be that customer service levels are declining while competition for customer loyalty is actually increasing.”

For frameXpress a different approach has led to a positive outlook for next year. Ian Davis believes that any supplier can negotiate on product cost and turnaround, however he considers that frameXpress differentiates itself by offering a world-class customer service experience.

He concludes, “The business world needs a makeover with a different perspective. frameXpress grasped that and has reaped the benefits. A happy, satisfied team that takes pride in its achievements leads to far better customer satisfaction – it may be a small detail to some and could require a considerable culture change for others to accommodate, however this philosophy has been the key to unlocking sustained long-term success for frameXpress and its customers.”

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