Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo: The new website is online!

Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo: The new website is online!
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Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo

Date: 29 September 2023

Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo's new website commences with three sophisticated black-backed slides, skillfully articulating some of the company's key strengths.

What are they?


We have long been perfectly integrated into Industry 4.0, designing and building smart machines able to save you time and money, but also improve the quality of your production and make it easier for the operator to do the job, reducing human error.

Why a human eye and a mechanical hand? Because we believe that behind technology there is always human intelligence to which technology is subjected.


The search to provide you with the best possible glassworking technology is a constant commitment and a continuous investment which we believe is necessary to ensure that you always have the right competitive advantage. That's why we see our machines as "jewelry".

The human factor:

It doesn't just mean customer service and attention. For us, it means facing every day with ethics and with the awareness that we have to act in the best way for ourselves and for the environment. At Schiatti, sustainability translates into concrete elements of energy saving and correct use of resources. We put our hearts and also our brains into it.

The configurator:  

We have introduced an important new feature on our new website: the configurator for glass and ceramic machines. Through a simple path you can select your needs and discover which of our technologies is the most suitable for what you wish.


Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo S.r.l.

600450 Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo: The new website is online!

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