New ScreenLine® Pellini SL27C system

Date: 12 June 2006
Source: Pellini Spa
Pellini Spa presents the new improved ScreenLine® SL27C system. After 10 years on the market, the product experiences gained and the new technologies available have allowed us to improve and develope the SL27C system to new and higher standards.

The new tube winding system: this development improves slat closure, especially in the lower part of the blind and enables a better parallelism of the bottom rail and also has a mechanical ‘limiter' incorporated. The blind size feasibility is also increased by almost 20%.

Polymer surface coated “L” shaped side-guides, the so called ‘no-dust' coating, that reduces the friction between the slats and the side-guides during the raising and lowering function, preventing dust formation and greatly reducing contact noise.

Standardisation of the 30mm adjustment to the L-profile for easier spacer frame assembly.

Kevlar reinforced internal cords: to ensure greater cord strength whilst minimising cord shrinkage due to high temperatures (1/3 the value of comparable polyester cord).

This new SL27C system retains the same cavity (27 mm) and the same frontal magnetic control, therefore preserving all the aesthetic features of the existing system.

600450 New ScreenLine® Pellini SL27C system

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