Fresh success for the Fenzi Group in China: the new production line for polyisobutylene-based sealant (PIB), Butylver, inaugurated at the end of October 2010, is now in full swing.

The product is used for internal insulation (first barrier) in IG units.

After its Duralux mirror coatings and Tempver ceramic paints, the Fenzi Group, leader in chemicals for flat glass reprocessing, is counting on the success of on-site production of high-performance sealants. Which is exactly why Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited, the group’s Chinese facility, which opened in June, 2006, embarked on an expansion project in early 2010 – adding 14,000 sq. m to the space already in use, to house production of Tempver, Butylver, and provide greater warehouse capacity. Growth at its Chinese headquarters certainly provides clear confirmation that the Company’s focus for more than 30 years on the Asian market, and the foresight of the Fenzi Group in anticipating the potential the region offers, has been rewarded in terms of successful sales and production.

Commenting on the company’s consistent show of faith in the Asian building and construction market, Stefano Pozzi, the Group’s General Manager in China stated: «Over time, the focus on abating CO2 emissions will grow in China and quality IG will become a must-have for cutting down on energy consumption; Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited is gearing up for the future, with good prospects for an increase in production of Butylver in the next few years».

Growth at the facility, which manufactures for both the domestic market and that of neighboring countries, keeps even pace with the continuing development of the Chinese market and, for some time now, is also the distribution center for Glass Alliance products, an international network that makes everything manufacturers of IG units need. Fenzi, along with Alu-Pro and Rolltech, is a partner in the network. Butylver is the first Fenzi sealant for insulating glass manufactured in China, and is known for its qualities of minimal permeability by water vapor and gases, high resistance to aging, and excellent adhesive properties on glass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Fenzi products are popular all around the world because they ensure high performance in terms of thermal insulation, energy savings, stability and safety, as well as meeting the aesthetic requirements of architects and designers. As Stefano Pozzi explains «The high quality of our products (which for the Group means cutting edge manufacturing technologies and excellent performance with low environmental impact), has made it possible for the company to achieve the international success it enjoys today. That’s why it’s only with high performance products like Butylver that we can beat the tough regional competition, which counts on extremely low prices to stay competitive in the marketplace.»


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