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Date: 19 September 2012
Source: FENZI SpA
The global leading manufacturer of chemicals for secondary flat glass processing officially inaugurates its sales hub in South KoreaFenzi Korea, headquartered in Seoul, is already marketing the products distributed by the Fenzi group and the Glass Alliance network, such as glass and mirror paints, I.G. sealants, spacers (in stainless steel, aluminum and special plastics) and providing ongoing customer service for all product lines.After 30 years of operation on the Asian and Korean marketplace, Fenzi started penetrating this area with Duralux mirror paints, namely the Group’s longest established product line, and later with its complete product portfolio.

On the heels of its growing success and expanding sales network, the Group decided to set up a local sales subsidiary.

Excellent sales results have been achieved with all product lines, most notably I.G. sealants, such as Thiover – the polysulphide, two-component sealant that meets the strictest eco-compatibility standards and Butylver, the poly-isobutylene sealant for insulating glass primary seal.

The Group’s pluses to outdo local competition include high quality standards, ease of use without complicated equipment and competitive costs on the market.

South Korea is focusing increasing attention on product technical performance, also with a view to complying with the strict standards prescribed by energy efficiency directives enforced in 2011.

Therefore, the new criteria for thermal transmittance control of IG units will inevitably lead to the use of high-quality materials and warm edge technologies that can guarantee enhanced thermal insulation of buildings.

In the next few years, the increasing focus on energy saving will translate into stronger demand for products such as Chromatech Ultra – the next generation spacer in stainless steel and special plastics delivering extraordinarily low thermal transmittance values – Chromatech Plus – the stainless steel spacer with a unique and patented design that guarantees improved stability, or Butylver TPS – the new premium quality thermoplastic spacer developed by Fenzi labs for Bystronic® applicators.

The future for South Korea therefore looks very bright especially considering the latest developments in the building industry. Despite the general recessionary climate in this sector worldwide, the numerous public works promoted by the Korean government will revitalize the local public construction industry. Last but not least, South Korea is one of the largest flat glass consumers, with a consumption rate twice as high that of Japan and similar to European countries.


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