The new family of Bluetooth enabled portable infrared thermometers

Date: 15 May 2006

Date: 11 May 2006

Land Instruments International has introduced a data logging system that allows users of its Cyclops portable infra-red thermometers to download and analyse temperature measurements of production plant or products.

Land cyclops 100 is a general purpose, high precision, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 550 to 3000°c/1022 to 5432°f.

The measured temperature is displayed in four simultaneous modes: continuous, peak, mean and valley, with user selected mode for the viewfinder display.

Accurate sighting is ensured by the clear, wide angle (9°) field of view and small, clearly defined (1/3°) measurement area. Focusing is variable from 1m to infinity, with close focus options available using auxilliary lenses.

Emissivity compensation is provided via the icon-based menu system.
The operating waveband has been carefully chosen to minimise errors due to uncertainty in emissivity and the effects of atmospheric vapour components.

Two models are available - Cyclops 100 and Cyclops 100B. Both provide wired RS232 serial communications. The cyclops C100B also features user-friendly ‘Bluetooth’ wireless communications.

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600450 The new family of Bluetooth enabled portable infrared thermometers

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