Mr. Marcin: “LandGlass is my Best Choice”

“With LandGlass, I am confident about the future of our company. LandGlass is my best choice”, said Mr.

Marcin of Polish CZ company at the LandGlass glass tempering furnace acceptance ceremony.   Founded by Marcin family, the CZ company is a glass processing company located near Okuniew in Warsaw, Poland.With years of experience working at glass processing establishments and managing enterprises, Mr. Marcin has long been an expert in this industry.  Knowing that high quality glass products require good processing equipment and equipment quality and services are vital to the future success of his company, he was extremely cautious in selecting the right tempering furnace for the facility. At first, Mr. Marcin favored European equipment. Meantime, because of LandGlass’ excellent reputation in the industry, he decided to consult LandGlass as well. Later, Mr. Marcin said, “It was fortunate that I tried LandGlass’ furnace, or I’d miss a great opportunity.”

In response to his request, MAK company, LandGlass' agent in Poland, introduced to Mr. Marcin LandGlass’ glass tempering furnace with leading jet convection technology and exclusive advantages of the equipment in performance, configuration, and processing. He was also invited to visit the operating site of LandGlass’ furnace. After inspecting LandGlass’ equipment, Mr. Marcin said that a stable, efficient, and high quality tempering furnace like this totally meets all of his expectations with only one concern on after sale support. Manager Hu reassured Mr. Marcin by demonstrating the remote control feature LandGlass’ furnace has that would allow service engineers to conduct online diagnosis at any time. In addition, Manager Hu also introduced to him the LandGlass’ technical service center in Europe. Engineers there can respond promptly to customers’ service needs. Learning these facts, Mr. Marcin selected LandGlass’ jet convection tempering furnace without further hesitation.

In accordance to the agreement, LandGlass completed the manufacturing and delivery in no time, followed by the installation and equipment debug. The installation was carried out smoothly. During the entire process, Mr. Marcin praised the working attitude of LandGlass engineers and their efforts for perfection. One incident in particular impressed him the most: the test-run of the furnace happened to be on a weekend. Local workers do not work on weekends except Mr. Marcin who as the owner still patrolled the facility as usual out of concern for the new equipment. To his surprise, when he got there, he found that two engineers from LandGlass were already at the site. Mr. Marcin was deeply moved to learn that to ensure the smooth operation of the furnace, the two engineers came to the factory every day on the weekend to observe the running status of the equipment for hours.

On August 7, 2015, after producing batches of high quality tempered glass, LandGlass’ tempering furnace successfully passed the acceptance test. Looking at these products, Mr. Marcin expressed his gratitude with a big hug with the engineers from LandGlass: “Thank LandGlass. Thank LandGlass’ engineers.” Now, this jet convection tempering furnace is running day and night at CZ company in Poland, helping Mr. Marcin to pursue his entrepreneurial dream while completing customers’ orders one batch after another.

600450 Mr. Marcin: “LandGlass is my Best Choice”
Date: 11 September 2015

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