Modern, Air Cooled Vacuum Systems

The rotary vane vacuum pumps of Pneumofore are a proven solution for centralized vacuum in glassworks. The unique air cooling system is appreciated in hot countries due to increasing cost and trouble with cooling water availability.

With rising importance of environmental aspects, Pneumofore finds more and more customers who carefully check the total Life Cycle Cost of their investment, rather than the purchasing price only. Constant operation 24/7 requires reliable equipment, specially designed for the tough working conditions in glassworks. Furthermore, electrical power bills, noise, maintenance and repair costs are major criteria of selection. Pneumofore has the fortunate position to offer today such features on its centralized vacuum systems.

The low rotation speed and operating temperature make the UV pumps a silent and stable machine. Hundreds of UV pumps are running in glassworks on five Continents, some since decades, others since half a century. Then today Pneumofore counts 85 years of experience since its foundation. Rather than appearance, Pneumofore is dedicated to durable and reliable technological content of its vacuum systems, composed by pumps and the correctly dimensioned vacuum systems, as integral engineering part of its offer.

Recent requirements by customers motivated Pneumofore in the last years to research and develop the variable speed (VS) version of its UV pumps. These units equipped with the VS option allow to have a constant vacuum level at the IS machine, no matter which mould size and type is used. With a solid engineering approach, Pneumofore´s technicians are experienced and confident to offer today the best vacuum solution with minimal trouble and lowest total costs.

600450 Modern, Air Cooled Vacuum Systems
Date: 21 July 2008
Source: Pneumofore S.p.A.

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