Make "lance" and "shield" for a top-level enterprise

Date: 30 September 2011
Source: Landglass
On September 7th, 2011, a 2011's intellectual property work conference of Luoyang City hosted by the Intellectual Property Bureau of Luoyang City was called at the city government! At this conference, Yang Ping, the vice mayor of Luoyang City made an important speech; Wu Yuqian, the deputy chief of the Science and Technology Bureau of Luoyang and Wang Yu, the chief of the Intellectual Property Bureau of Luoyang, etc. made a report separately.

Over 200 principals from the county (district) government, high-tech development zone, large and medium enterprises, scientific research units, etc. attended the conference.

LandGlass spoke at the conference as an only enterprise invited. In the speech, Zhao Yan, the board chairman and general manager of LandGlass made an introduction to the experience and understandings in making its strength of R&D, protecting research fruits with intellectual property and providing marketing a forceful assurance by the construction of a patent system. In concluding his speech, he sighed with emotion: "in an era of knowledge economy, an intellectual property, especially the patent is a sharp lance by which an enterprise can have a right to speak on the market, occupy a high- -end market and expand market share and a strong shield by which an enterprise can protect itself in a fierce market competition and keep off its competitors! It can be said without exaggeration in the least that a certain patent or several patents may decide on the life and death of an enterprise".

Now, although a sluggish economic situation in the domestic and foreign markets and a rise in trade protectionism brought a huge challenge to the survival environment of a glass processing equipment industry, LandGlass will open a way with its "lance" and "shield" and will never stop its steps of going towards a top international brand.

600450 Make "lance" and "shield" for a top-level enterprise
Date: 30 September 2011
Source: Landglass

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