LLumar Helios: keeping the sun out

Date: 19 May 2008
Source: CPFilms

Date: 16 May 2008

LLumar now offers high quality UV and heat protection for outdoor installation on windows in the form of Helios flat glass film.

This product drastically reduces cooling loads, resulting in a sustainable reduction of energy costs and CO² emissions.

Modern, large windows in office environments create a pleasant working climate and are attractive to look at. Good architecture is also brought to life by large windows and well-lit rooms in living areas, too. But large windows also have a darker side: UV rays shine through practically unimpeded, quickly heating up living and work spaces, making working in front of a computer screen pure torture in the bright sunlight.

That is why LLumar has developed a flat glass film that not only offers excellent heat and UV protection, but also features a glare shield to protect the eyes. Fabrics, furniture and especially expensive paintings and photos or decorations and carpets are almost completely saved from fading by using the film on single and double glazing, which makes UV permeability less than one percent. In addition, LLumar Helios is extremely scratch resistant, UV and weatherproof, easy to clean and, thanks to its one-sided mirrored surface, it offers perfect privacy protection in daylight.

The base material for LLumar Helios is a hybrid polymer construction, patent pending, with several interlocking layers guaranteeing perfect UV protection and maximum UV stability. Extensive stress tests in the climate laboratory have shown that LLumar Helios lasts about three times longer than flat glass films previously available on the market. That is why LLumar offers a five year warranty for vertical installation and a three year warranty for diagonal or horizontal installation. Once the window has been thoroughly cleaned, Helios is easy to install all over the outside of modern glass systems.

With normally used double glazing, LLumar Helios provides a reflection of 85 percent of the entire solar energy and lets less than one percent of the UV rays inside. 64 percent of the light shining from the outside in is reflected on the surface. Energy costs for the air conditioning of work spaces can be considerably reduced with LLumar Helios, meaning that the investment in flat glass film pays for itself within three years.

LLumar Helios flat glass film is installed by qualified LLumar distributors. For more information about LLumar products go to www.LLumar.de.

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Notice for editors: LLumar® is a registered trademark of CPFilms Inc., unit of Solutia Inc.

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Solutia’s CPFilms Inc., is the world’s largest producer of high-quality, aftermarket window films and a leading supplier of high-value precision-coated film and film components sold to a variety of businesses. The business manufactures films that provide comfort, aesthetics, energy savings, safety and security when applied to glass. Our LLumar films are designed to meet worldwide standards, carry a factory-backed warranty, and are professionally installed. For more information about LLumar products, log on to www.llumar.com. CPFilms Inc. is a subsidiary of Solutia Inc.

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Solutia Inc. uses world-class skills in applied chemistry to create value-added solutions for customers, whose products improve the lives of consumers every day. Solutia is a world leader in performance films for laminated safety glass and after-market applications; chemicals for the rubber industry; heat transfer fluids and aviation hydraulic fluid; and an integrated family of nylon products including high-performance polymers and fibers. For more information about Solutia log on to www.solutia.com.

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