Linetec announces first guide specification for shop-applied metal paint and anodize finishes

 Linetec, one of the nation's largest paint and anodize finishers, has published a new guide specification for factory-applied metal finishes. "Section 05 0513 Shop Applied Coatings for Metal 3-part Guide Specification" is available for download from Linetec's online Architect Resources section.

Prepared according to the principles of Construction Specification Institute and Construction Specifications Canada (CSI/CSC), the guide specification reflects MasterFormat™ titles and numbers as of April 2011. Linetec's six-page document coordinates with Division 01 to address various sections pertaining to both polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) liquid paint coatings and anodize finishes for aluminum railings, metalwork, frames, louvers, sun screens, roof and wall panels, doors and entrances, windows and skylights, storefronts, curtainwalls, and more.

"This is the first-known, non-propriety guide spec offering concise language for selecting and specifying high-performance PVDF and anodize finishing in CSI three-part format for shop-applied metal finishes," says Linetec's vice president of sales and marketing, Jon Close. "Beyond the stringent standards and regulations, this guide spec offers specifiable differences that contribute to a project's long life, durability and sustainability."

Close continues, "This trusted, standard format improves communication among all parties involved in commercial and institutional projects. It provides consistent documentation for architects to include in the project manual and bid requests they send to contractors. This allows them to evaluate the products and services that meet the required specifications and will achieve their design goals. This helps project teams meet owners' requirements, timelines and budgets, and in turn, lowers risk for all involved."

The three parts of Linetec's new guide specification are:

* Part 1 – General – references for industry-specific standards; submittals to minimize liability; quality assurance including for projects seeking LEED® certification; instructions for proper delivery, storage and handling; and warranties

* Part 2 – Products – acceptable applicators and shop-applied finishes

* Part 3 – Execution – adjusting for touch-up, cleaning after installation, and developing a schedule for shop-applied finishes

Download a free copy of "Section 05 0513 Shop Applied Coatings for Metal 3-part Guide Specification" and learn more about Linetec's architectural resources at, or by calling 888-717-1472.

Learn more about Linetec and its finishing services at or by calling 888-717-1472.

600450 Linetec announces first guide specification for shop-applied metal paint and anodize finishes

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