Landglass:New Image, New Height, Ceaseless Innovation -- 21st China Glass Exhibition

Date: 29 June 2010
Source: Landglass
Catching all eyes of the world, the most influential international exhibition in domestic glass industry, i.e.

China Glass, was held as scheduled in Beijing Shunyi New International Exhibition Center from Jun. 4 to Jun.7.       At this exhibition, Landglass not only further introduces several advanced techniques and equipments to the glass deep processors, which had been successfully developed in recent years and enjoyed wide praises at the market, but also describes the typical applications of these techniques and equipments in the representative enterprises in four large industries, i.e. architectural furniture, automobile, household appliances and solar energy; in addition, the new image and the latest technical application exchanges of Landglass are also promoted at this exhibition, which attracts much attention from the professionals in this industry.From the very beginning of this exhibition, Landglass’ booth covering approx. 600m2 even becomes very crowded because the endless and bustling streams of people flowed in. At this exhibition, many large western glass deep processors who have never contacted with Landglass also enter Landglass’ booth and have deep communications with the marketing manager on the performance and characteristics of products; every day, the bus hired by Landglass took a lot of visitors from the exhibition center to the nearby equipment operation field, so as to demonstrate the product characteristics and technical advantages of Landglass’ equipments!
With rapid development in recent years, the mainstream products are changed from homogenous flat bent radiation furnace to jet heating furnaces, thin glass tempering furnace, combined tempering furnace, new-type continuous furnace and forced convection continuous furnace. The main customers are changed from domestic large companies to famous multinational companies, such as Schott, Taiwan Glass, Pilkington and Saint Gobain, which have established stable business relations with Landglass. While constantly expanding the global share of high-end products, Landglass firmly stride  
forward high-end brand! European fellow traders also pay attention to Landglass’ great strides in recent years! Over the exhibition, they come to Landglass’ booth for many times and observe every detail of the booth. It seems as if they try to seek the secret for Landglass’ rapid growth.
Rounds of applause came from the meeting room beside the exhibition hall and a technical symposium named “Forced Convection Technique Applied to Continuous Furnace” held by Landglass is warmly ongoing. From the challenges that the new products and new processes bring to traditional radiation continuous furnace to the principles and advantages of forced convection technique, the main speaker in details describes the win-win situation that the Landglass’ forced convection continuous tempering furnace brings to the glass deep processors in terms of processing capacity expansion and product quality improvement. The objective reality, mature technique and true cases make the audience give three rounds of applause in the last minute!
What’re attractive are not only the fully new company image and innovative technique and product of Landglass, its design and construction of booth also become the focus of this exhibition. From the arc main body structure and elegant color gradation to the huge picture of new equipment modeling and elaborate equipment detail display, all manifest Landglass’ company spirit of overall innovation and company tenet of making life safer and better. All of these perfectly play Landglass’ theme of “When art meet with science & technology” for this exhibition, which also earn praises from the exhibition organizer!
How fast time flies. The four-day exhibition comes to the end unconsciously. The endless streams of people successively flow out. The working staff of the exhibition hall has started to demolish the booths and remove the chairs and tables. The participators who have kept busy for four days are about to return to Luoyang, headquarters of Landglass. There they will receive a lot of visitors and have further discussions with them. When they collected articles and looked around the booth with pride, harvest and reluctance, they notice that there are still two groups of customers sitting on the chairs and keep discussing with Landglass’ marketing manager regardless of the noisy environment…

600450 Landglass:New Image, New Height, Ceaseless Innovation -- 21st China Glass Exhibition
Date: 29 June 2010
Source: Landglass

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