LandGlass Variable Curvature Glass Tempering Furnace in Algeria

SARL KHALIFA MIRRORS, founded in 1997, specializes in the manufacturing of glass and mirrors. Because of its superior product quality, SARL KHALIFA MIRRORS is widely recognized by its customers.  In 2013, in order to meet the increasing demand of its customers, Mr.

KHALIFA form SARL KHALIFA MIRRORS contacted LandGlass for one variable curvature glass tempering furnace. After discussion with the sales engineers, Mr. KHALIF signed the contract for LD-D2115/2.

In 2015, as more unconventional curved tempered glass are needed, Mr. KHALIFA form SARL KHALIFA MIRRORS invited LandGlass engineers to come to Algeria to modify this glass tempering furnace. LandGlass engineers went for Algeria soon after they got Mr. KHALIFA’s invitation. With the efforts of LandGlass engineers in two months, finally on September 15th, five different kinds of unconventional curved glass was successfully made by the modified glass tempering furnace. Mr. KHALIFA was very satisfied with the result. Soon after LandGlass engineers came back to China, Mr. KHALIFA sent the letter of appreciation, which says

“ It pleases me greatly to announce that Mr. Gan Lu Born on 07.05.1984, made special efforts and extraordinary ingenuity to find solutions to difficulties we encountered during installation and modification of the oven. His actual presence and that of his colleagues denotes the seriousness of this team in the job well done.”

"For Your Next Leap" is a commitment that LandGlass is endeavoring to fulfill with actions every day. LandGlass is taking active and practical actions to achieve win-win cooperation and innovation through joint efforts with customers.

600450 LandGlass Variable Curvature Glass Tempering Furnace in Algeria

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