LandGlass Pays Much Attention to Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a hot topic nowadays. Along with development, environmental disruption and wasting of resources come as follow.  Especially in recent years, the environment problem is increasingly rigorous and humans are paying the price for polluting the environment.

Up to this day, protecting the environment is really everyone's duty and there is no time to delay.  

In consideration of the duty towards society and the long-term development, LandGlass shoulders its responsibility earnestly and puts environmental protection on a significant position. In accordance with the national policy, LandGlass formulated a series of rules and regulations to constrain the producing behaviour. Ensuring all the work flow and manufacturing technology meets the national environmental protection standard is her basic promise to society; saving resources and reducing emission are the hard-and-fast rules in LandGlass tempered glass oven manufacturing plant; even in the offices, the staff of LandGlass try their best to protect the environment start from small details, such as using less paper and electricity, etc. In addition, the campaign "leave a blue sky without firecracker smoke" was launched in every spring festival to call on all staff to protect the environment with their practical action.

Protect environment is not just a slogan, or an easy thing that can be done one day. It's a severe problem that needs humans' attention day and night. LandGlass will pay attention to environmental protection as always in the future and make a contribution to the long-term development of our society.

600450 LandGlass Pays Much Attention to Environmental Protection

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