LandGlass Introduces Cyclone Series Glass Tempering Furnaces

With the industries such as architecture, furniture, autos etc. put forward much higher requirements for tempered glass no matter in quantity or in quality, the JetConvectionTM series glass tempering furnace developed by LandGlass in 2004 helped LandGlass gained good reputation both in domestic and foreign market, and it has also become a leading glass processing technology in the world.  Ten years later, LandGlass proves its strength to the customers again.

Its latest-developed glass tempering furnace series, CycloneTM, brings surprise and vitality to glass processing industry.

CycloneTM is the embodiment of LandGlass staff's wisdom and innovation over the past decade. Compared with the traditional glass tempering furnaces, LandGlass CycloneTM has five advantages.

1. Outstanding Quality

CycloneTM series tempering furnace employs elliptical structure design and CycloneTM convection heating system, which greatly improves the homogeneity of glass heating. In terms of the design of quenching section, the newly developed GeniousCoolTM technology has been employed in CycloneTM series tempering furnaces to further prevent the occurrence of optical distortion.

2. High Productivity

The new generation CycloneTM convection technology and GeniousCoolTM technology incorporated in LandGlass CycloneTM series glass tempering furnace can not only achieve random placement of glass sheets of varying sizes and shapes during the processing, but also achieve rapid shift between glass sheets of different thickness and types, which improves productivity effectively.

3. Low Energy Consumption

In addition to the smaller surface area of the elliptical structure itself and smaller heat radiating area, LandGlass CycloneTM series glass tempering furnace is constructed with advanced composite thermal insulation material and supported by LandGlass's unique ThermoLockTM technology, which can effectively isolate the heat transfer from furnace wall and significantly reduce the heat loss.

4. Intelligent Control

LandGlass CycloneTM series glass tempering furnace is configured with eAdaptTM System and eVisionTM technology which integrate the setting of processing parameters, identification of glass parameters online, process monitoring and automatic adjustment/control functions. The control accuracy and operability of the furnace have been improved significantly and the digitalized production of tempering furnace has been achieved successfully. The number of operatives can be reduced and the dependence on the technical skill levels of operatives has been lowered greatly.

5. Wireless Connection

eAdaptTM system on CycloneTM series glass tempering furnace also has production management and emergency handling functions such as remote operation and control, which ensures the stability and safety during the production and operation of the whole tempering furnace.

The development of CycloneTM series glass tempering furnace proves that LandGlass are seeking innovation all the time. Providing our customers with best quality products and service are our eternal pursuing. LandGlass, for your next leap!

600450 LandGlass Introduces Cyclone Series Glass Tempering Furnaces

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