Landglass Force Convection Tempering Furnace Landed In The U.S. Successfully

Date: 12 April 2010
Source: Landglass
At TriView Glass Industries, LLC (TGI), located in City of Industry, California, high quality building glass and art glass substrates are being tempered with a Landglass jet force full convection tempering furnace.

To date, the Landglass forced convection tempering furnace has run stably and efficiently for over 220 days. This represents another first for Landglass, which becomes the first tempering furnace manufacturer to export to the U.S. a true forced convection furnace with complete independent intellectual property! In Oct. of 2004, Landglass was the very first to access the American market and currently has over 20 Landglass tempering furnaces serving American companies.
The jet forced convection tempering furnace is a top quality product developed by Landglass independently in 2004 and has evolved into a mature product of Landglass. This was accomplished after years of market trial and design enhancements to create and ensure stable and efficient production along with exceptional finished product quality. These benefits have been recognized by numerous users in China as well as abroad. TGI chose Landglass not only because of its world-leading technical expertise, but also because of the high level of quality needed for his art glass, and the Landglass jet forced convection by Landglass exceeds these requirements.
TGI produces laminated, insulated and tempered glass as required for its sister company LifespaceART. LifespaceART is a company consisting of experts and pattern designers who draw their inspirations and creations directly on the glass. Because the glass has been tempered, it allows these beautiful patterns on glass to blend with art perfectly in buildings. Therefore, TGI must show persistence towards the perfection of tempered glass products and the tempering equipment needed.
Before purchasing, President and CEO, Alex Kastaniuk from TriView Glass Industries, LLC paid a field visit to see a tempering furnace manufactured by Landglass. During the visit, instead of asking too many questions, Alex reviewed the tempering process and meticulously looked at the overall appearance and quality of the equipment. About four hours later, he told the Land Glass American agent (Cliff Green agent for IGE Solutions) how impressed he was with the quality and ease of tempering on the Landglass furnace. He also commented that he favored the bright blue-yellow color, since those are his corporate colors as well. Approximately one month later, Landglass and IGE Solutions received the order from Alex.
With Alex’s artistic nature and his pursuit of perfection, Alex painted the army-green cooling tower standing outdoors blue. Alex said that by painting it blue, it created harmonious color for the entire equipment and suggested Landglass paint all future cooling towers blue.
Chinese glass equipment manufacturing enterprises started approximately half a century later than its European and American counterparts. Historically large equipment manufactured independently in China are not known or accepted universally in European and American markets, especially in high quality product sectors; therefore, it was very difficult for high-tech equipment, like a forced convection tempering furnaces, to gain access to the U.S. market. Because of this, the number one obstacle for Landglass was the negative customary judgment by European and American users of top-end products made in China. Nevertheless, the reputations of Landglass and IGE Solutions gave confidence to Alex to move forward and conclude a deal. This conclusion marks the beginning for Landglass to access top-end producers in the American market.
At GlassBuild America in Oct. of 2009, when Alex visited with Landglass and IGE Solutions he stated “Both IGE and Landglass performed well above expectations. They had me up and running very quickly with excellent quality right from the start!”

600450 Landglass Force Convection Tempering Furnace Landed In The U.S. Successfully

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