Lacobel versatility clothes office furniture

Date: 28 August 2008
Source: AGC Flat Glass Europe
Architect Maurice Kanah, founder of KConsult studio, has used painted glass in his own original way. He has used it to cover furniture. “I had this idea,” explains Kanah, “while looking at the space in the office.

I wanted to find something to brighten it up, make it different; I wanted to give each space its own colour. Give some semblance of order, without using the same traditional pieces of furniture”.

The project stands out for its simplicity and functionality. Pre-existing supports have been used as volumes and have been covered with Lacobel glass which gave them a new appearance. Elegant. Coloured. Lively. In this project the piece of furniture is a mere support. The real protagonist is the glass which marks the mental and physical space with its variation in colours.

Kandinsky, in his “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, stated that colour has a great inherent strength and it can exercise enormous influence over the body as a physical organism. Generally speaking, colour is a power which directly influences the soul. With these words in mind, Kanah gives his studio a new setting. He simulates a spectrum of light which corresponds to the rainbow.

600450 Lacobel versatility clothes office furniture

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