Interpane at the fensterbau/frontale 2008

New triple glazing, solar control glazing, and object design The new triple glazing iplus 3CL with its drastically improved solar factor, the extended ipasol series of solar control glazing, and ipachrome for innovative object design will be presented by Interpane Glas Industrie AG at fensterbau/frontale (hall 7A, booth 203) in Nuremberg, Germany from April 2 to 5, 2008.

Energy efficiency: In view of the CO2 discussion and increasing energy costs, energy efficiency is once again one of the hot topics at the most important window trade fair of the year. Triple glazing is, therefore, setting the trend. Known as ideal products for passive and low-energy houses, they are now being increasingly used for “conventional” new buildings and renovations. It is here that Interpane introduces the new “iplus 3CL”. Optimized Low-E coatings help to drastically improve energy properties. At very low thermal insulation values down to 0.5 W/m2K, the new super warm glazing iplus 3CL, for example, reaches a total energy transmittance of 55% and a light transmittance of 72%. It uses the free power of the sun more effectively: Long-wave solar radiation can pass through the glazing nearly unobstructed and thereby produce far higher solar energy gains in the winter months than was previously possible with triple glazing. It also convinces by means of its colour neutrality (Ra,D = 96). Interpane also provides an extensive overview of the complete iplus product range.

Tailored solar protection: Modern architecture assumes glazing, which meets complex energy and optical demands. In the winter months it has to provide effective heat insulation even behind large glass facades and in the summer it must protect against overheating. The glazing also has to be neutral in colour for a good outside view and often needs to have low external reflection. Therefore, the ipasol product range is now even more versatile: From high light transmittance (ipasol neutral 73/39) to extremely low g-values (ipasol platin 25/14), from neutral to attractive tinted glazing, minimal or a desired higher external reflection – architects shall be able to find the product to suit their individual needs. Apart from an overview of the ipasol product range, Interpane also presents the new highly selective ipasol neutral 61/31 with exceptional colour neutrality as well as the new glazings of the “ipasol bright” series. With a particularly high demand on the international market, the latter offers various colour nuances (white, grey, green, bronze, and blue).

Object design: Innovative solutions for decorative facade glazing are in high demand. For the first time, Interpane shows the design glazing “ipachrome”. Via large-area or partial coatings it offers new possibilities for creative object design. The multi-layer system makes the glazing just as highly reflecting as a conventional silver mirror. Further exhibits will include designer glass products, such as ceramic digital printing. In this case, the glass areas are refined in high resolution and intensive colours. Clear, geometric structures, photographic images or art – anything can be printed onto even large glass areas at a resolution of up to 720 dpi. The colour will be permanently bonded to the glazing during the tempering process and will thereby be light, as well as scratch and abrasion resistant. It can be used indoors, e.g. as a glass door, as a sliding wall, furniture, or wall covering. Since it is largely weatherproof, this product can also be used on outside facades or as a particularly impressive overhead glazing.

Photo: Interpane

Comfortable warmth, even when it is bitter cold outside and no condensation on the windows: iplus 3CL insulates just like a brick wall and allows far more solar heat to get into the house than conventional triple glazing.

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600450 Interpane at the fensterbau/frontale 2008

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