Install 6 times faster with the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR and SEALING CORNERS!

Install 6 times faster with the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR and SEALING CORNERS!
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The innovative sealing system consisting of the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR and the SEALING CORNERS will save you lots of time and money on in-front-of-wall installation with metal angles.

This ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR sealing system was specially developed for the external sealing of window and door elements that are installed in front of the load-bearing wall using metal angles.

INSTALL 6 TIMES FASTER WITH THE ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR AND SEALING CORNERS!The special feature of this elastomer sealing system is the pre-fabricated collar which can be custom-fit to the external window dimensions.

The easy to apply ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR can be fitted up to 6 times faster compared to conventional sealing systems such as foil strips.

This innovative system has a direct positive effect on your profits!

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No more complicated application methods and possible leaks!

The DIN-compliant ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR makes life on site considerably easier.  The sealing collar, which is made from highly flexible EPDM, is individually tailored to size and can be supplied with an optional butyl adhesive or matching beading. This really makes fitters’ work easier as it can be correctly installed on the window or door element and then fixed to the wall without issues and swiftly.

The innovative sealing system is available in four versions A, B, C and D:




To supplement the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR, we also supply moulded ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING CORNERSfor various connection areas on buildings.

These can be used for in-front-of-wall elements, for the lower connection area, on floor-level elements and balcony doors and patio door systems. The material thicknesses and properties are matched to those of the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR.


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600450 Install 6 times faster with the ISO-CONNECT EPDM SEALING COLLAR and SEALING CORNERS!

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