Innovation travels fast: The new FGS spacer bar is ready for delivery

March marks the first deliveries of FGS (Flexible Glass Spacer), the ultra-new spacer bar for warm edge systems based on flexible olefins.

The latest brainchild from the Glass Alliance family offers two competitive advantages. First and foremost performance, as its minimal heat loss through the edge of the IG unit leads to a significant reduction in condensation. 

The improved thermal transmittance performance values translate into greater comfort and limited heat dispersion with average savings up to 0.1-0.2 W/m2K on the overall U values of the IG unit. For IG unit manufacturers, the product helps to further simplify and automate insulating glass production and guarantees the best dimensional tolerances. This high level of accuracy translates into easier system assembly, particularly when dealing with triple glazed units.

FGS is the newest addition to the Glass Alliance family of products for warm edge systems. Just launched, it’s already enjoying great success due to its outstanding performance and simple workability. You can learn more about this product by reading the introductory brochure: click here.

FGS is currently delivered in 500-meter rolls with all the standard widths and is about to be extremely well received by the market, as explains Hansruedi Mäder, technical manager of the Flexible Glass Spacer project. “In today’s economic situation, the insulating glass manufacturer finds itself having to face tough price competition. Thus companies strive to produce insulating glass units using an efficient automated system. The Glass Alliance development team has worked hard for two years and with great determination in order to successfully pinpoint and optimize the right solution. The final result certainly owes to the large variety of individual expertise put into action, the precious support of laboratories and universities as well as the work of outside suppliers. But also, and above all, this result stems from the fact that the team which developed such an innovative product as FGS is composed of insulating glass experts who, among other things, are first and foremost end users. This operating procedure ensured that the development of the idea wasn’t limited mainly to theory, but had an immediate practical confirmation on the production table of insulating glass manufacturers, in other words the end customers of the Glass Alliance network,” concluded Hansruedi Mäder.

For the development and fine-tuning of the new flexible spacer bar, the Glass Alliance work team started from the market demands and the need for further developments in the spacer bar seal and sealant adhesion during production, in order to obtain a final product that fully met requirements for efficiency and value-for-money which insulating glass manufacturers must be able to rely on today. The remarkably positive response that the FGS launch is enjoying is a reliable indication of the outstanding level of satisfaction achieved.

600450 Innovation travels fast: The new FGS spacer bar is ready for delivery

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