Guardian: Climaguard Spf™ Is A Win With Homeowners

Dealers and manufacturers of residential windows say that savvy consumers around the country are embracing the new coated glass technology that blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

It’s a product called ClimaGuard SPF™ by Guardian Industries Corp. that made its debut at the last International Builders’ Show. Since then, it has gotten thumbs-up from homeowners wanting more UV protection than is available from traditional low-E or some of the other recently announced solutions.

“When it comes to UV protection, ClimaGuard SPF is in a league of its own,” said Ed Colwell of HartWell Exteriors in Massachusetts. “We’ve been including ClimaGuard SPF in all our windows for two years. No one else in Boston offers a real UV B protection. Homeowners are replacing windows that have allowed window treatments, furniture and carpet to fade. When the facts are on the table, no other product can compete.”

Growing public awareness of the risks associated with exposure to ultraviolet radiation has led to widespread use of sunscreen, sunglasses and protective clothing. Household furnishings have a good reason to fear the sun as well. UV radiation is largely responsible for the fading of furniture, carpets, hardwood floors, artwork, drapes and other interior furnishings. This damage is irreversible. Until now, homeowners have been forced to accept undesirable tradeoffs if they wanted to protect their home furnishings from the damaging effects of the sun.

With the introduction of ClimaGuard SPF, Guardian Industries provides homeowners with the ability to block ultraviolet radiation from entering the home without sacrificing the primary benefit of windows—natural daylight and outdoor views. The brightness and beauty of visible sunlight passes straight through this unique and proprietary coating to illuminate the home. Only the invisible damaging UV rays are removed.

Window manufacturers are finding that dealers carrying ClimaGuard SPF are able to offer a broader range of products that meet this emerging consumer awareness. “Manufacturers care about homeowners. They want to meet the needs of consumers who have concerns about how UV can fade their home furnishings,” said Michael Mooney, senior market segment director at Guardian Industries. “That’s why many have added ClimaGuard SPF to their range of products. It helps dealers be the best in offering breadth and the latest innovations in order to meet their customers’ needs. There are more and more people who know that glass has a lot of special features for their particular home.”

ClimaGuard SPF is the first window glass technology that delivers complete UV protection, the beauty of natural daylight and, when used in conjunction with Guardian’s ClimaGuard 55/27 low-E product, superior energy savings. With ClimaGuard SPF, window glass looks the way glass should look—no bright colors, no dark tints and no shiny reflections.

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