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Interview with Saverio Pasetto from Skanska about his experience with GPD and what keeps him coming back.

With 25 years behind GPD, Saverio Pasetto, Façade Technical Director at Skanska in the UK, is a strong supporter of the event and sees that it now offers a great opportunity to add new players who can add breadth and depth to the presentations and discussions.

Saverio only started coming to GPD in 2013 when he was invited to take part in a workshop that was relevant to a study he was carrying out at the time for his final MSc dissertation. He started networking with GPD attendees and then returned in 2015 as a chair of a workshop and to present the results of his study.

You can read more about his experience in this interview, where Saverio explains why GPD is a great opportunity for players from all areas of the industry’s supply chain.

Q: When you first attended GPD in 2013, what was your greatest takeaway?

A: GPD for me is the most prestigious conference in the world. It’s as simple as that!

The management of such a large-scale conference has been amazing. I’ve really appreciated the variety of participants, the fact that GPD is so highly regarded, both in the glass industry and from an academic point of view, and the number of very high quality papers and presentations.

Q: You’re coming back this year again, this time to chair one of the sessions. What will your focus be?

A: This year, I will chair a session where each presenter works for a façade company: they are the ones that buy the glass directly and they have a great deal to do with it. We will present the challenges that the specialist façade contractors see in their daily work.

Q: What keeps you coming back?

A: I always learn something new. Sometimes it’s about glass tempering furnaces or the relevant processes; other times, it’s about glass industry trends and novel technologies. Talking to the Glaston guys, among others, is a tremendous source of information. And they’re always willing to compare notes with me on the phone or in person.

I also really appreciate Glastory, and I feel it’s a great source of information for the industry. It’s initiatives like this that add openness and transparency to the glass industry.

Q: What do you appreciate most from GPD?

A: GPD is managed so well. And the quality of presenters is outstanding. The sessions and topics are really interesting, diverse and yet very specific. In addition, the event is an exceptional networking opportunity.

There are so many new things to learn and I appreciate hearing all about the innovations and the technologies.

Q: Are there any improvements you’d recommend for GPD?

A: There’s nothing wrong with the way that GPD is structured at the moment. I am happy to see that there are great opportunities to add new players and initiatives, such as this year’s startup companies and the Glass Innovation Institution.

Glass is rarely used by itself. There are many players in the entire supply chain, including direct or indirect buyers of specialty facades, curtain walls, fixings and many other aspects. Collecting everyone into one forum is truly a fantastic opportunity for all.

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