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Date: 28 September 2002
Source: Glasstech, Inc
Glasstech, Inc., the world leader in the manufacturing of glass bending and tempering equipment, will feature key architectural and automotive technologies at glasstec 2002 in Dusseldorf, Germany, October 28 – November 1, 2002.

The company will feature the FCH2 Forced Convection Heater, the leading system for the efficient processing of flat glass.Described as the most exciting architectural system, the FCH2 meets the industry’s demand for an efficient Low-E glass tempering system.

Glasstech’s FCH2 can heat Low-E glass at a rate twice as fast as typical electric radiation heating systems, which helps improve production and lower costs. The system can heat clear glass at a rate of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness and heat high-performance soft coat Low-E glass at a rate of 33 to 35 seconds per millimeter.

In addition, the reduced heating times available with the FCH2 means that glass spends less time on the roller bed, which provides for a higher quality glass without distortion.

Glasstech will also be introducing the ERH-Plus Electric Radiant Heater. This new architectural system can process Low-E glass approximately 25 percent faster than the traditional electric radiant heater. The ERH-Plus adds convection to improve the productivity of Glasstech’s traditional ERH process, particularly for glass having performance coatings. The system can also retrofit to existing machines. On the automotive side, Glasstech will feature its CRB3 Advanced Cylindrical Bending and Tempering System which provides the ability to process lites incorporating cross curvature without the need for part-dedicated tooling.

A natural progression from the CRB2, the CRB3 can create several millimeters of cross-curvature in the parts, thereby making it ideal for producing both cylindrical and spherical parts.

Like its predecessor, the CRB3 can produce 4 millimeter thick parts up to 1220 millimeters wide and 1200 millimeters long in just 7.5 seconds. However, because of the cross-bending capabilities, it is a much more versatile system.

In addition, Glasstech will highlight its Deep Bend IV Quick Change and Fast Cycle options, which significantly improve productivity. Glasstech has found that with shorter part runs and turnaround times, customers are demanding more options. They need flexible machines with little down time.

Traditionally, the industry experiences a 6 to 8 hour downtime for part changes. But with Glasstech’s Quick Change option, customers can now expect a downtime of just 90 to 120 minutes. Also, its Fast Cycle option typically gives customers 20 percent more output.

Glasstech can be located at Hall 13, Stand E07 at the glasstec 2002 show and will be pleased to demonstrate how visiting companies can benefit from the latest Glasstech product offerings.

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Date: 28 September 2002
Source: Glasstech, Inc

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