Glass-wrap® reduces cost by up to 60%

Glass-wrap®, the newly developed packaging system for flat glass, fundamentally changes a more then 100 year old, complex and expensive form of handling and transport in this industry.      In addition it contributes to a more efficient way of warehousing and site storage.

Glass-wrap saves cost for just about every player in the flat glass supply chain. From fabricator, wholesaler, internet (re)seller, right down to construction companies and door & window manufacturers.

The company

Glass-wrap B.V., located in The Netherlands, holds the exclusive worldwide rights of the international patent registration filed at the German Patent Office and WIPO of the new innovative Glass-wrap® packaging system. The company’s long-term aim is to position Glass-wrap as the global brand and packaging system in, amongst others, the flat glass industry.

In order to successfully bring Glass-wrap to the international markets, we work together with dedicated regional licensees to ensure that all parties in the flat glass and related industries have local access to the Glass-wrap packaging system.

Glass-wrap development

Glass-wrap is a German innovation from Thomas Giller in cooperation with packaging R&D and production company FEURER GmbH in Muggensturm, Germany.

‘My company uses flat glass in high-end products and up to 25% of potential customer orders can not be serviced due to excessive transport cost. In some cases transport cost even exceeded the value of the actual product itself’ says Giller. ‘This problem became a challenge for me to solve by developing a packaging system for flat glass that would allow it to be transported as regular cargo by any transport company, simple, efficient and without damages.

The result: a standardized modular system, with a plastic frame for packaging 1, 2 or 3 combined flat glass sheets in a large variety of weights and dimensions. And, a number of standard accessories are available to further simplify transport, handling, warehousing and site storage. In order to successfully bring Glass-wrap to the international markets, I then asked a number of people with a successful track record in setting-up international distribution, sales, marketing and communication to participate in this highly promising development and with them the company Glass-wrap® was founded.’

Cost reductions of up to 60%

Glass-wrap is the packaging-system through which combined cost savings of up to 60% can be achieved in transport, handling and warehousing/site storage. By exchanging the metal or wooden racks, boxes or crates for the resilient, lightweight, stackable Glass-wrap packaging, use of your loading space can be maximized resulting in more volume per transport.

Full loads or single glass sheets can now be transported as regular cargo in a fast, flexible and cost efficient way and over much larger distances, even by transport and parcel services such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT.

The cost for return transport, keeping track of racks and write-off for unaccounted racks costing tens of millions of dollars per year can be greatly reduced. Furthermore the costs of breakage and replacement are minimized and service times drastically lowered.

Handling, warehousing and site storage

The substantial reduction in damages and breakage that can be achieved is proof of a safer mode of transport. This also results in less or no more replacement deliveries and thereby minimizes costly delays for the customer.

The overall cost reduction will be even higher with the specially developed Glass-wrap tools that guarantee a simpler more effective overall logistical process. It reduces the need for investments in specialized transport, handling, warehousing or on site solutions as well as the need for specialized personnel. Glass-wrap allows glass sheets to be stacked horizontally and vertically, multiples on top of one another, making it possible to use High-Bay or pallet racking warehousing, thereby reducing expensive square meters required or allowing for more inventory against the same cost. Also at the building site where minimal room is available for storage, Glass-wrap makes it easier and safer.

Furthermore, it greatly enhances safety for employees and requires less qualified personnel.

Environmentally friendly

For those companies who take their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, Glass-wrap is extremely environment friendly. The material does not contain any CFC’s or other harmful propellants and is 100% recyclable. Increased transport volumes automatically lead to less transport, which in turn substantially reduces Co2 emissions. If due to law or regulations, or as a result of (company) policy, reuse of packaging materials has been integrated in your processes, Glass-wrap offers packaging that can be re-used 10X at the minimum.


Reusable Glass-wrap packaging is made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), light weight and highly impact resistant. Because of these properties it is already extensively used in the automotive industry both for (body & interior) parts as well as for packaging of automotive components. Now for the first time it is available as the packaging system for the flat-glass industry. Single use Glass-wrap is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), boasts similar characteristics but permanent deformation may occur when impacted, making it generally more suitable for single use only.

Glass-wrap is also extremely well suited for transport, warehousing and site storage, because it absorbs little or no moisture and is not influenced to any great extent by temperature, chemicals or oil. If required Glass-wrap can also be supplied in a fire-resistant version.

The brand

Hardly any material is so diversely intertwined with our modern life as glass. It shows its versatility every day, for example in architecture, transport, furniture, heat protection, display panels and, as a secure way of packaging. Glass also holds a tremendous future potential. The Glass-wrap brand stands as a symbol for flat glass packaging that saves more then it costs. More over Glass-wrap is developed to protect the glass and to simplify transport, handling, warehousing and site storage.

Due to the international presence of Glass-wrap and the close contact it maintains with its partner specialists of varying cultures and historical background from around the world, a perfect mix is created through which both R&D and (applied) market knowhow are signaled in an early stadium and the combined innovative efforts made available to all customers very quickly. This results in the best flat glass packaging there is. A packaging that already received a German innovation award.

The development of the Glass-wrap packaging system not only forms a major contribution to your overall cost reduction and logistical benefits, but also to improving our environment. At all times must the Glass-wrap products meet these criteria as well as the highest quality standards.


For more information please contact for Asia : Pele Siljedahl, email:| mobile: +46 841 030 607 Northern America : Peter Schmidt, email: | mobile: +1 248 981 9608 Europe : Jeroen Velthuis, email: | mobile: +31 611 132 977 All other enquiries :

600450 Glass-wrap® reduces cost by up to 60%

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