Glass Technology announces that the popular “PRISM” Dry Vacuum Injector has received patent status

Glass Technology is pleased to announce that the popular “PRISM” Dry Vacuum Injector has received patent status.

The “PRISM” dry vacuum injector has been in use for over three years by industry professionals on a global scale. This innovation has become an important component of the future windshield repair market and a staple for future repair procedures.

The “PRISM” dry vacuum utilizes a state of the art process that extracts the air from the break prior to injecting resin adhesives into the windshield damage. This vacuum step is labeled a “Dry Vacuum” because the air is removed before the resin contacts the glass, resulting in a more effective and complete air extraction. Once the air is extracted the resin is injected into the repair with very little pressure, thus allowing the resin to fill the repair entirely which creates stronger adhesion.

“Over the last three years we are pleased to see such a response from current and new clients regarding this technology. With our industry so focused on quality and safety we are very happy to see the industry endorsing a better and more effective way of windshield repair” Kerry Wanstrath, VP Glass Technology Inc.

Glass Technology will continue to invest in research and development to improve windshield repair equipment materials and processes for the benefit of our industry. With these advancements we hope to continue our efforts toward providing more effective solutions, resulting in a safer and more environmentally sound industry.

600450 Glass Technology announces that the popular “PRISM” Dry Vacuum Injector has received patent status
Date: 14 February 2008

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