Fenzi’s warm edge technology at Vitrum 2013

Date: 16 September 2013
Source: www.fenzigroup.com
The Fenzi Group, a leading manufacturer of chemicals for secondary flat glass processing, will make a major statement at this year's Vitrum with its extensive range of products for insulating glass.

Pride of place will be given to its sealants suitable for virtually all types of IG glass and meeting all end consumers' aesthetic requirements.Vitrum will offer an invaluable opportunity to gain a close-up view of the following products: Thiover, the world's best-selling polysulfide sealant that meets the most stringent eco-compatibility requirements. Butylver, a PIB sealant for the primary seal of I.G, today also available as Butylver TPS (thermoplastic spacer for Bystronic® applicators) and Butylver SS (sealant for flexible spacers); Poliver, a solvent-free polyurethane sealant specifically engineered for IG production, that can be used to for both single and double IG unit sealing; Hotver, a hot-melt, one-part sealant that ensures perfect adhesion to both glass and spacers.

Fenzi sealants perfectly complement the products developed by the international Glass Alliance network (comprising the Fenzi Group, Alu-Pro and Rolltech), that markets everything high-performance insulating glass production requires. These products include the new generation Chromatech spacers, developed by Rolltech and Alu-Pro. Both Chromatech Ultra and Chromatech Plus spacer lines offer excellent performance in terms of stability, resistance and improved thermal insulation. At Vitrum 2013 the spotlight will also be on Glass Alliance’s latest brainchild, the FGS - Flexible Glass Spacer – a new bestseller for the network. Thanks to its special composition, this innovative flexible spacer ensures minimal heat loss, extraordinary stability, speed of application and a functional and attractive design.

Also on show will be the products that enjoyed the greatest market success in the past few years and that helped propel the group onto the world stage as industry leaders.

The Duralux line of mirror coatings fits virtually any need, from the most traditional up to the most sophisticated copper-free and zero-lead  technology. The technological evolution of this line has culminated in the development of Duralux Solar Coatings, a highly innovative range of coatings for solar mirrors that stands out for its extraordinary resistance.

The focus will also be on Tempver decorative paints, a range of ceramic enamels for screen printing, enameling and satin-finishing of glass, which have been extremely well received in the area of architectural and interior design applications as a result of their wide color palette. The Tempver line has now been extended to include New Generation M, a new range of innovative enamels designed specifically for glass used in household appliances. This new line of paints offers enhanced performance in terms of application, coating result and chemical resistance, all features designed to meet the aesthetic demands of manufacturers and end consumers, as well as ever stricter construction specifications.


Make sure to visit Fenzi’s STAND at Vitrum 2013: Hall 24 – stand E 21 – E 29

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