Date: 21 December 2010
Source: FENZI SpA
A special logistics and transportation system, high-performance raw materials and outstanding know-how as a result of more than 40 years’ experience in the sector: these are the Henze-Glas secrets for designing and manufacturing the largest insulating glass unit in the world.

The production, assembly and transportation of remarkably large insulating glass units, with a variety of shapes and sizes, have become the Henze-Glas hallmark over the years. This Lower Saxony German company has challenged the current technological and logistical frontiers by exhibiting a record-sized insulating glass unit at the Glasstech event. Many weeks of intense work by 45 specialized engineers led to the installation of a one-of-its-kind glass structure at the fair: this special insulating glass unit not only guarantees top performance in terms of thermal insulation (Ug-Value: 1.6 W/m2), it’s also the largest ever in its category with a record size of 3,300 x 18,000 mm, a 4,455 kg weight and a triple-sheet structure of float glass with each sheet being 10 mm thick. Even though this product was produced for demonstrative purposes only, Henze-Glas was able to exhibit the true potential of its technological know-how. Such a significant performance for a panel this size leaves no doubt with regard to the safety and quality of the company’s other, smaller-sized products.

The Glasstech exhibit met with indisputable success and considerable interest was sparked among the architects and designers attending the event, confirming the company’s total satisfaction with its initiative. Dietmar Henze, Chief Executive Officer of Henze-Glas, comments: “With this panel we’ve taken an important step towards increasingly extreme formats. We've accomplished something others believed to be impossible or would never have imagined, and we’re quite proud

of it.”

With its unique insulating glass units, Henze-Glas makes a major contribution to the possibility to create large glass façades with utmost transparency, opening the doors to new uses for glass in buildings and state-of-the-art architectonic designs.

The ability to combine the development of cutting-edge products with special services to facilitate the use of the products themselves has helped the company acquire an increasing competitive influence in the market. The customer focus is also established through a logistic service complete with delivery and on-site assembly of these high-tech glass units by qualified and specialized workers. The sizeable glass units reach the construction site by special company-owned vehicles,  and every maneuver is planned down to the smallest detail. Once the glass unit has arrived on site, the Henze-Glas specialists provide for its professional installation.

What made the production of this record-sized panel even more exciting was finding and collaborating with suppliers of high-performance products worthy of the challenge: it took a long time to find a float glass manufacturer able to provide a single piece of such enormous size. A valuable contribution to the production of this insulating glass unit was made by Fenzi, chemical leader for secondary processing of flat glass. As a matter of fact, Henze-Glas chose Thiover, Fenzi’s top-selling sealant worldwide, as the edge sealant because of its excellent mechanical properties which are capable of maintaining the rigidity of such a large system. These characteristics are further enhanced by Chromatech Plus, the spacer bar particularly suited for large, remarkably complex insulating glass units which is produced by Rolltech, a company that together with Fenzi and Alu-Pro forms the International Glass Alliance network. The unique design and technical characteristics of the special stainless steel with which it is produced make Chromatech Plus the world’s most stable spacer bar.


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Date: 21 December 2010
Source: FENZI SpA

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