Fenzi innovations at Vitrum 2015

Fenzi has a new story to share: a tale of everyday life. Among the many innovations and latest product developments Fenzi plans to unveil at Vitrum 2015, particularly noteworthy is the one related to communication, to the way the group crafts its message to the market and industry professionals.

It is an innovative approach that appears throughout the Fenzi group stand and is perfectly aligned with its claim: ANY TIME, ANY WHERE WE ARE THERE.The meaning is simple, and the way of delivering it is, too.   

The objects that surround us all (or almost all) the time in our everyday life exemplify the decisive contribution Fenzi makes toward the experience of comfort and wellbeing that grows over time. Insulating glass, decorative glass and glass items, furniture and interior décor accessories, mirrors, bottles, decorated glassware, and a thousand other objects make our living spaces more pleasant, safe and comfortable.

Thanks, in part, to Fenzi, whose products -- from sealants to decorative paints, mirror backing paints and mirror coatings -- contribute to transforming glass into specific products for specific uses. These items are part of our everyday experience, often without our even taking notice of the benefits we derive from them. To tell the story of this relationship with glass, we have used a simple and effective means of communication: a custom-designed cartoon. Designer Paolo Armitano created four panels that tell the story of the daily lives of two scientists/designers, busy at work and at home with their families, whose lives cross paths. As the story unfolds, there are countless significant moments in which the objects processed with Fenzi products leave their mark on the true-to life, daily activities of the two characters. The entire cartoon is on display in giant (6 m x 3 m) format on the interior walls of the Fenzi stand at Vitrum 2015: come by to enjoy the full experience.

From desert storms to Tribiano: CSP and Duralux solar coatings The development of new technologies for the production of clean energy includes a growing number of solar concentration systems, known by the acronym CSP (Concentrating Solar Power).

Special mirrors are used to concentrate vast amounts of solar radiation (heat) onto a small area (in exactly the same way Archimedes torched the Carthaginian ships) in order to reach high temperatures, ranging from a low of 400°C to a high of 1,000°C. Through various processes involving steam or gas turbines, all this thermal energy is transformed into electricity. The massive CSP plants are located in deserts, the ideal environments for taking full advantage of solar energy.

A primary component in CSP technology is, of course, parabolic mirrors, which come in different shapes and sizes but nonetheless must possess certain very specific characteristics to withstand the intense thermal and erosive stresses to which they are exposed. An especially crucial element is the protective coating that must ensure extremely high levels of performance -- nowhere close to those sufficient for conventional mirrors found in daily use.

The Fenzi group is involved in the production chain for CSP systems as a primary supplier of DURALUX SOLAR COATINGS, a line of solar mirror coatings engineered to ensure extremely high levels of chemical resistance to corrosion and UV radiation and very high resistance to abrasion. These coatings currently represent the highest degree of development achieved for this type of product. Because of this they are included in the “Research and experiments” section of the GLASS. THE GREAT UNEXPECTED exhibition staged in Hall 22 at Vitrum 2015.

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Date: 9 October 2015
Source: FENZI SpA

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