Emhart Glass introduces the 340 Advanced Forehearth

Designed to provide unprecedented thermal conditioning for medium and high tonnage production, 340 technology represents a significant advancement in forehearth and distributor design.

Employing a unique dual cooling system and advanced flue control systems, the 340 can accurately control the degree and direction of the heating and cooling inputs to the glass, producing stable, thermally homogenous glass over a wide tonnage range.

The new Emhart Glass 340 Forehearth system has evolved from intensive mathematical modeling and many years of experience at the cutting edge of forehearth technology. The unique simultaneous dual cooling system uses a combination of muffle cooling and direct forced convection cooling. This configuration provides the forehearth with an unprecedented degree of cooling power. In addition, our advanced flue control mechanism provides for center heating capabilities, which expands the lower tonnage range of the 340 Forehearth. This feature is extremely helpful for low pull, high gob temperature jobs and improving job change times.

Precise, automatic damper control and superstructure refractory engineering are combined with cooling flow and combustion control mechanisms to provide an unequalled thermal conditioning system. The 340 forehearth uses the proven 540 cooling section roof block that effectively divides each cooling zone into three separate longitudinal areas. Each cooling zone is equipped with five automatically controlled flue exhausts. These exhausts can be adjusted to direct the flow of cooling air and combustion gases, both longitudinally and laterally, within the forehearth chamber. This control provides the mechanism to selectively input or remove heat from the glass and ensures tight control of the thermal conditioning process.

In its simplest form, the system can be operated using negative feedback PID control. For more demanding forehearth layouts, cascade control and bias control can be implemented concurrently. Whether applied to distributors or forehearths, the 340 concept provides unparalleled thermal conditioning. The 340 represents the future of forehearth technology, but is available from Emhart Glass today.

For more information about the 340 advanced forehearth, contact your local Emhart Glass representative.

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Date: 5 March 2003
Source: Emhart Glass

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