Eko-Okna: Changes in the colour palette

Eko-Okna: Changes in the colour palette
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Even greater selection of veneer colours. Test colour templates already available.

We have recently informed you that we are recalling from our offer two colours - dark blue (AP 101) and dark brown (AP 89). In return, we want to introduce new ones to the offer. However, before we choose those that will be on offer permanently, we want to check what interest they will catch.

Eko-Okna: Changes in the colour palette

Especially for you we have prepared a template of seven test colours, which include the following:

  • Silver Alux (AP107 / SAL107),
  • Schwarzbraun (dark brown) x-brush (AP108 / SAL108),
  • Platinum (AP109 / SAL109),
  • Golden (AP110 / SAL110),
  • Stahlblau (steel blue) x-brush (AP111 / SAL111),
  • white structural sandblasted (AP112 / SAL112),
  • Dunkelgrun (dark green) woodgrain (AP113 / SAL113).

Most of them are veneers made in the patented skai® cool colours technology, which minimalise the negative effects of solar radiation on the veneer.

Test colour templates are available at your sales consultant.

We remind that the most frequently ordered veneers are included in our offer permanently. Both Aluplast and Salamander systems will be veneered.

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