Eko-Okna: 21st century sliding door systems

Eko-Okna: 21st century sliding door systems
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Safe and reliable hardware for HST systems. Ensures that even the largest structures are light and silent to use.

We carry the widest range of sliding door systems on the market, including PVC profile, wood-frame and aluminium casement solutions, all featuring innovative hardware to facilitate their operation. Maco hardware unlocks virtually unlimited design and delivery possibilities, and always with safety as the first consideration.

In this range, multibolt locking espagnolettes and hook locks are available with optional RC2 burglar-resistant hardware.

The standard hardware versions allow the use of door leaves weighing up to 300 kg, while an additional roller truck increases the load capacity to 400 kg. The trucks feature door leaf equalizers, which support the entire door leaf weight to reduce the stress on the rollers.

Eko-Okna: 21st century sliding door systems

Silent operation combined with minimal operating effort is critical to all door hardware systems, especially HST. Maco hardware meets this requirement, ensuring a long service life.

The life of the rollers is further improved by the special brushes they feature. Each time the door leaf is opened or closed, the brushes sweep the running rail clear of dirt, which greatly extends the effective lifespan of the roller mechanism.

The threshold is a critical part of HST door hardware, and largely defines how well it works. The low threshold GFK protrudes only 25 mm above the floor and is available with the Salamander systems.

The threshold meets the European specifications for “Buildings without Barriers”: it is made of glass fibre, making it far stiffer than normal aluminium thresholds, for improved convenience and a highly reliable HST-based structure.

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