Efficient and Flexible Continuous Tempering Technology

Date: 18 October 2011
Source: LandGlass
The continuous glass tempering furnace developed by LandGlass adopts the latest international advanced technologies in driving, heating and controlling.

The glass sheets are loaded onto furnace and are tempered continuously, i.e. without oscillation, glass sheets are heated to the temperature required for tempering at preset speed and temperature curve and then glass sheets are tempered and cooled. Therefore, continuous tempering furnace not only enables an easier control of temperature increasing during the heating process, but also greatly reduces the possibility of roller scratches during glass reversing. Continuous tempering furnace has the characteristics of high productive efficiency, low energy consumption and better optical quality on end products. Therefore, the sales volume of LandGlass continuous furnce reached some dozens only in 2010.

In order to better meet the requirements from different glass processors, continuous tempering furnace developed by LandGlass can flexibly change production modes according to glass sizes, which not only maximizes productive efficiency but also greatly improves quality of tempered glass . Presently, LandGlass continuous tempering furnace has two optional production modes, respectively applicable to tempering small size glass and large size glass in large batch.

A、Continuous production mode without interval

The feature of this mode is that loading table continuously runs at set speed and during the production, the operator only needs to load glass sheets on loading table continuously; during the processes of heating, tempering and cooling, the speed of glass sheets is changed via a special mechanism. In complete tempering process, the glass is loaded without interval and moves without stop, so this mode of production has Max. productive efficiency and is applicable to the tempering small size glass sheets in large batch for household appliances and furnitures.

B、Continuous production mode with interval

The feature of this mode is that glass sheets should be placed on loading table at certain interval and then are conveyed into heating furnace one by one; in the heating furnace, glass sheets run at set speed without oscillation. When the glass sheets arrive at the set position in heating furnace, under the control of electrical system, they are rapidly accelerated to discharging speed one by one, so as to leave heating furnace and enter into tempering and cooling processes. This mode minimizes scratches defects on large size glass sheets caused by speed difference among rollers. Therefore, this mode not only meets higher tempering quality requirements for glass in large size, but also ensures high productive efficiency. It's applicable to the production of solar glass, architectural and furniture glass.

With above-mentioned two production modes, continuous tempering furnace not only has higher productive efficiency for both small and large size glass sheets, but enhances optical quality on end products. Moreover, the advanced R&D achievements of LandGlass in recent years also have been well applied to continuous tempering furnace, such as jet heating forced convection technology, air marks and refraction eliminating devices, air pressure automatic compensation mechanism , emergency discharging device and so on.

LandGlass will participate in the following exhibitions in the second half of 2011, and we are ready to provide customized and exclusive tempering solutions for you at LandGlass stand!

Vitrum in Milano during Oct. 26-29, Booth No.: L03, Hall 13

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