Ecological technologies engineered by the Fenzi Group on show at glasstec 2010

THIOVER Fenzi manufactures a wide range of sealants that are essential in optimizing IG glass energy efficiency.

Good results have been achieved by Thiover, the polysulfide two-part sealant meeting the most advanced eco-compatibility standards. Using this sealant, builders can obtain LEED® points and certify the buildings to the standards of the American Green building rating system. These sealants are completely non-hazardous and solvent-free, with excellent mechanical properties and extremely low water and gas permeability


Duralux Solar Coatings is at the center of attention of the trade professionals. The new range of solar mirror coatings developed by the Fenzi group harness the new solar heating technologies and have reached such high levels of resistance to require new reference parameters for their specific testing, which Fenzi drew up in collaboration with the industry leaders. These new tests measure the chemical-physical performance of Duralux Solar Coatings in a variety of critical stress situations, confirming the validity of the technology used in its design and production. The new range of solar mirror coatings is an additional demonstration of the company’s commitment to energy savings and environmental protection.


From the onset of their production, Tempver ceramic paints have stimulated interest in the market as a result of their increasing potential for new applications. They have thus become one of the top-of-the-line products by the Fenzi group. The different ranges of Tempver paints for screen printing, enameling and etching of glass, conceived for interior design, architecture and home appliances, are in fact an important and reliable instrument blending constructive versatility with strong visual impact as a result of a wide range of color options. The Fenzi group has also been developing eco-friendly technologies for this product line for some time: the company offers paints for both the construction and furniture sectors, as well as for the area of household appliances, that are free from heavy metals and manufactured in full compliance with current industry regulations (RoHS European legislation). Furthermore, the group’s online service enables customers to elaborate the range of base colors to reliably create desired color shades: by simply accessing the website, customers can gain direct access to color mixing formulas.


The Fenzi group offers innovative solutions to glass processors specialized in the decoration of glass and who are particularly sensitive to environmental protection, that help to increase the speed and quality of production in line with customer expectations. Aquaglass paints - waterbased monocomponent paints belonging to the Decover range – are completely versatile, a common feature of the full range of Decover paints, and suitable for application employing roller, spray and curtain coating techniques. The paints are also eco-friendly, having water as their basic element. The color brilliance of one-coat Aquaglass paints, in satin and metallic finishes, can be used to embellish the interior design of homes, offices, bathrooms and kitchens in any shade of color: in fact, an infinite number of colors and decorative effects can be produced to meet any customer requirements.

Furthermore, the company has simplified and increased the efficiency of using this product through its website,, helping to save precious time. The group offers its customers direct access to color mixing formulas to confidently produce any shade from the RAL color system. Precise indications of the required amounts of base colors to be blended to obtain the desired color in the necessary quantities, can be found on the www.fenziaquaglass. com website, using the username and password issued by the company at the time of purchase.


Homes also need to be thermally insulated to save energy. To this end, the range of highly innovative Chromatech spacers developed by Rolltech offers excellent performance. Chromatech Ultra, the latest generation spacer for insulating glass, has achieved great success in the marketplace. By combining a stainless steel bottom and a polycarbonate top with low rate of moisture penetration into a single structure, Chromatech Ultra can deliver many important benefits in terms of thermal insulation. It combines a lower stainless steel part and an upper part in polycarbonate with a low moisture penetration index in a single structure, which ensures significant advantages in terms of thermal insulation. Chromatech Plus by Rolltech, instead, is particularly suited for large and complex IG because of its unique design and the technical properties of the special stainless steel with which it is built, making it the world's most stable spacer bar.

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600450 Ecological technologies engineered by the Fenzi Group on show at glasstec 2010

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