E.A.G.LE. The new revolutionary glass level measurement system

Date: 10 July 2006
Source: MCR Systems
MCR Systems, one of the main Italian companies dealing with instrumentation, process control and factory automation design and implementation, is now introducing its new glass level measurement system, E.A.G.

LE. - Enhanced Absolute Glass LEvel. This tool makes it possible to monitor fluids using the optical reflection of a pointer that is not in direct contact with the melted glass.

Head engineers responsible for glass production plants have the important task to select the most precise and reliable application for level measurement, which should be able to manage an ever growing amount of data. Exact measurements allow for the maximum rationalization of production processes, thus speeding these up and improving their control processes and quality.

Designed and patented by MCR Systems, E.A.G.LE. is maintenance-free, self-calibrating, insensible to vibrations and does not require any specific knowledge or the help of any specialists for installation and start up.

Making the best use of the latest technologies available today for optical measurements and artificial visualization, E.A.G.LE. can also boast an optional system for remote diagnostics to check efficiency and operation from a distant location. Contrary to traditional level detection devices, whether they are based on sampling, laser, halogen or pneumatic techniques, dimensional measurements taken with E.A.G.LE. have max precision, high repeatability and can be updated every 0.2 seconds. All this with no need to get into contact with the glass.

“The focus on innovation always present in our solutions is the driving force that has made us the best interpreters and references for any requirement coming from our Customers,” said MCR Systems CEO Mario Beraudo. “Thanks to our glass level measurement system, the glass industry can now count on a highly innovative product. Reliable, intelligent and versatile, E.A.G.LE. can combine the use of image acquisition and data processing functions while maintaining max performance in any situation and improving production quality.”

E.A.G.LE -Technical Data:

E.A.G.LE. hardware is very simple and it is made by a steel fixed mark, air or water cooled, and a digital TV camera, industrially housed, installed 2 meters far away the measuring point.

The system supply a 4/20mA, for an existing Control System, and an Ethernet TCP/IP level measure output, all the system parameters and start up information are displayed on a local 4” LCD monitor.

Special calculation algorithms, managed by an advanced artificial vision system, allow the control unit to read the real glass level measurement with an absolute accuracy of 0,1mm.


* 15” TFT monitor for real time and historical trends or alpha numerical information.

* 15” TFT monitor for real time and historical trends or alpha numerical information, PID algorithm and operator face plate for glass level control with direct output 4/20mA for batch charger included.

* Remote Service.

MCR Systems:

MCR Systems is one of the main Italian companies in the field of instrumentation. Specialized in the design, implementation and start up of industrial plants, the company can provide the production and manufacturing industry around the world with the expertise and excellency acquired in over 20 years of activity. Established in 1982 in Genoa, Italy, the company has installed and maintained more than one hundred control systems all over the world. Today MCR Systems is part of BDF Industries Group formed by Vicenza-based Boscato and Dalla Fontana S.p.A that is one of the leading companies for manufacturing hollow glass forming machines equipment and complete glass plants.

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